Sarah’s Adventure – Part 4

Tap, tap, tap. I open upped the window. “Hi George, could you do something so that my mom and Delancie won’t bother us when we’re doing this secret chamber business?” I said as George got settled in. “Well, let’s see” George pondered “An invisible veil that covers us all, not one little glimpse, down the hall.” As George finished, my whole body seemed to be glowing, “Does this mean that I’m invisible?” I asked. George nodded, “Now let’s go!” he said. As we walked down the hall, I accidently bumped into my mom, but she didn’t even seem to notice me, in fact, she walked right through me! Unable to control it, I screamed. But my mom just kept walking as if she didn’t hear me scream or feel me bump into her. “Did I do a good job?” George asked grinning. I gave a shaky nod.

            Finally we reached a door. “What?! Our front door? This can’t be a secret chamber!” I said. “Watch” George said. He stepped forward then touched the eye of the lion design on the hatch. “Open chamber pocus” he said. Suddenly, there was a big burst of light. When the light dimmed, there was a series of stairs descending down. I stared in awe. “This,” George said with a flourish “is the first chamber.” George raised his hands “Chamber close pocus” again, same burst of light, and when it ended, it was just a front door again. I lifted the hatch then opened the doors. It led to outside, nobody would of guessed a secret chamber was here. Secret chambers, I like it!

            The other three was at a drawer, a toilet, and a fish tank. And now, I have to find the fifth one figure out how to open it. As I walked by a closet I noticed something. There was a ruby encircled by silver rhinestones in the middle of the closet door. Before, I would of thought that was just a decoration but now…..  “Good job!” George said “Here’s a clue on how to open it, listen closely. Mary, Mary, so contrary how does your cave mine grow? With silver bells and cockle shells and three maids in a row.” Then I got this funny feeling, as if my brain was telling me to pull open the air vent above the closet door. I pulled it off then inside was a mini cave mine. Excitement bubbled inside me. Suddenly, I remembered our Christmas set. Running to the other closet in my mom’s room, I retrieved the silver bells and threw it in the air vent/cave mine. Now the cockle shells, yes! I ran to my room and got the jar of cockle shells that I found at the lake with my trainer when I was six, I threw that in too. Now where in the world would I find three maids in a row? Delancie’s Barbie dolls!! Grabbing the Barbie dolls I added it in the cave mine. Instantly, the ruby started to glow and then the closet doors burst open. “Step inside!” George yelled over the whirring noise.

             When it all stopped, I opened the doors of the closet and stepped outside. I was in my house as usual. Did I do something wrong? Then Delancie came. “Wanna climb trees sis?!” I was stunned, first of all, Delancie was never this kind to me. Second, since when did she call me sis? And third, last I checked, there’s not a single tree around. I looked out the window, there were trees all over the place as far as the human eye can see. “Um, not right now, I’m feeling a bit tired.” I replied “Ok!” Delancie said cheerfully “We can go to your room!” as I walked in the room expecting the gray slabs of paint as I usually would, I saw bright sky blue walls, my favorite color. Then I remembered, this is my own world. We both flopped down on my bed. “Here” Delancie said handing me Floppy, my stuffed seal that I got from the Omaha zoo. “Ding!” Delancie said touching Floppy’s nose. And then, Floppy came alive! “Hello Sarah!” Floppy said. I screamed and almost dropped him. As we were laying on the bed, Floppy whispered “Watch out for her, she’s dangerous.” “Who?” I whispered back. “Delancie Jr., she’s dangerous” I looked over at Delancie “How could she be dangerous?” “Just watch out for her”.

2 responses to “Sarah’s Adventure – Part 4

  1. Please keep on writing!!!!! 🙂

  2. Great story! How did you come up with these ideas?

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