Pocket Frogs

There is a really popular game in the Apple App Store that you’ve probably heard about. This game is called Pocket Frogs. For those who are insane with this game: Just before I wrote this, I was searching up the rarest frogs. And then I came upon a site about HOW TO GET RARE FROGS WITHOUT BREEDING OR BUYING!  http://pocketfrogcheats.blogspot.com/.

This game is fun and filled with cute frogs you can play with! I highly  recommend this.

If you have questions, PLEASE COMMENT!!

5 responses to “Pocket Frogs

  1. I guess so. “Brither” was just a typing mistake.

  2. I love that game!The cheats are really helpful. Level nine and have 3 LEGENDARY frogs! (and 24 endangered frogs) 🙂

  3. Haha! Does that mean that I can call my sister sather or something?

  4. I meant brother, not brither.

  5. My brither is kinda obsaessed with that game. He has his own account, I have my own account, and we have a shared account, so technically we both have two accounts. We used to share an account on my dad’s phone, but he deleted the game, and we had a LEGENDARY frog!

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