Sarah’s Adventure-Part 3

“SARAH!!!! You said Delancie was going out with some boys! She’s simply just trying on some dresses in her room AND DOING WHAT PRINCESSES ARE SUPPOSE TO DO!!” my mother exploded spitting all over me. “You have no right to lock the door on me either! What were you doing!?” “Um, I-I-I, um, uh, mm n-nothing ma’am.” I stammered. My mother almost looked exactly like Delancie at the enchanted tree yesterday. “Very well then,” my mother said “You shall miss dinner tonight. What a pity, we’re having mashed potatoes, your favorite.” With that she stomped out the room. I sighed then plopped down on my bed. Cupcake meowed then snuggled up beside me. “Secret chambers, me, secret chambers, me” I mumbled staring at the dull gray slabs of paint on my wall.

Then I heard another tap on my window. This time it wasn’t my trainer. A man with a long purple cape with gold moons on it was standing outside. He had a matching hat with a mustache and a big nose. The weird man waved then flashed me a toothy grin. I open upped the window to let him in. “Hello Sarah” the man said. “My name is George the Great King of the Magicians but you can call me George.”  , “Hey George” I replied “And I’m guessing you’re my magician?” I asked. “Correct!” George said with a flourish. “Opening secret chambers is easy.” George started. “If I wanted that table come to me I would say “table come pocus”, if I wanted to repair a broken vase I would say “vase repair pocus”. Get the point?”. “So that means to open a chamber all I have to do is “open chamber pocus”?” I asked. “Fabulous!!” George said with another one of those toothy grins (gee, this guy is annoying). “Now,” George said “try one yourself!”  I thought for a moment, “Turn Delancie into a clown pocus”. Suddenly, there was a strange blue light coming from Delancie’s room, then, “Ahhhhh!” I grinned. “Nice one!!” George said patting me on the shoulder.

“We can hit on the secret chambers after you’re done with dinner.” “I can’t have dinner tonight” I mumbled. George thought for a moment “For a special dinner she must attend, make the mind of her mother’s bend” George smiled “Spells, only great magicians can do them.” And with a snap he was gone. I’m starting to get tired of people just disappearing. Suddenly there was a knock on the door, it was my mother. “I’m sorry about what I said, you may certainly come to dinner. Dinner starts in a few minutes, you can sit at the table and wait for Delancie.” I smiled, “Spells,” I thought “I have to learn how to use those!”

When Delancie came down to eat, her face was covered with a shawl and her outfit was totally ridiculous. Looks somewhat like a …….clown. 🙂 Delancie has cut a hole in the shawl so she can breathe and eat. “Why Delancie, whatever is the matter?” my mother asked, for she was sobbing as if her heart would break. Delancie slowly removed her shawl. When Mother saw Delancie’s face, she literally screamed. “What have you done?!” my mother cried. “I-I don’t know” Delancie sobbed “there was this strange blue light then BOOM, and now I’m a clown (sob, sob, sob)” “Oh Delancie, don’t cry” my mother said, embracing Delancie with her chubby arms. Mom gave me a quizzical look over Delancie’s shoulder. I shrugged, trying to keep a straight face. “Well, why don’t we eat, the mash potatoes are ready.” my mom said.

A couple of minutes later, here I am sitting in my room waiting for George.

3 responses to “Sarah’s Adventure-Part 3

  1. Its a great story so far, only the the present tense and past tense can get confusing.

  2. Interesting … complicated story. I wonder how it ends. Keep writing.

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