My Random Toothbrush Story! Part 2!

I heard people shouting and screaming, everywhere was chaos! There were men fighting for food and mothers trying to protect their children. A person could smell the blood a mile away and could hear the shouting and gun sounds in the next town. I said, “chronoadum!” and every thing froze in place. Then I thought of what Potato Island looked like when every thing was fine and peaceful. I opened my eyes and saw what I was thinking about. Then I walked over to te center of the island and turned my wand in a circle and soon in my hand was a sword, The 15 Swords of Trust. You couldn’t use it unless you put all your trust into it. I stab the sword into the ground. Suddenly, the ground was shaking, and then where I stabbed my sword, there was a hole. I jumped into the hole and soon I was in the HQ of the_________ , one of the many guilds in the council.

      I landed on top of a guard, and I quickly put him to sleep. I turned myself invisible and I walked through a thousand different tunnels and a ton of traps. Finally after 5 hours, I was in the king room, aka Sarge’s room! 

     The first thing You would see is the throne with a fat, hairy man on it. Next you would see rows and rows of servants and guards. because my invisibility will wear out soon, I stepped in t the shadows quickly and quietly. I drew a sign that looks a bird. Then I started to float up, higher and higher. In 10 seconds I could see the whole room, it looked like it was about 500 feet long, Suddenly an alarm went off, all the guards looked up nad pointed at me. They shouted orders to each other, and got their guns out and aim at me. Soon there was thousands and thousands of bullets flying up on the air at me, threating to hurt me. I quickly drew a six-pointed star in front of me. A shield appeared in front of me, blocking all the bullets. Suddenly, the shield disappeared! Leaving an open spot and I got shot on the arm. I drew a cross on my arm. Pain shoot up my arm but it was healed in 1 second. 

      Then Sarge, the leader of the _________ yelled, “Stop shooting this instant! And you, you filthy looking girl, get down here and tell me your name!”

      I carefully floated down. The second I touched the floor two guards grabbed my arms and two guards stood behind me with three guards on each side. I said in a calm voice, ” My name is Katia.”

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