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Sarah’s Adventure (I’m having trouble thinking of a more creative title, help?)

Part 1

“Grab that branch right there!” my trainer shouted from below. “Oh I wouldn’t step there if I was you Sarah, it may look strong but it’s only bark.” My caramel colored hair flowed out behind me as the wind brushed my cheek; my brown eyes sparkled with determination. I was halfway up the tree when I heard my sister stomping down the hill. “You’re meeting with your trainer again. I’m telling Mum!” oh great, “but Delancie-“, “No buts, I’m telling Mum!” I’ve had enough of “Tattletale Delancie”. “Well then I’m telling Mom you went out to the fashion show last night!” I said with a frustrated sigh. I almost thought Delancie would blow up. Her eyes reduced to angry slits. “Don’t-you-dare!!” she yelled in between puffs of breath. Nostrils flaring, she lunged at the tree and began to climb. Delancie was about a foot away when I leaped off the tree spinning three times before landing in the splits. Delancie followed with amazing grace. She could be as good as me, too bad she’s not adventurous. I wasn’t done with her yet though, rolling backwards and flinging my legs up, I smacked Delancie with my feet in midair. With a cry she landed in a mud puddle. “Sarah! You ruined my dress!” Delancie wailed, and she stormed off. “That was a nice three spin split you did.” My trainer said after she left “and what was that weird handstand/backflip you did?” she asked. “I really don’t know, anything to keep Delancie away!” I replied with a laugh.

It was only a matter of seconds when I heard my mother yell “SARAH!!” from the castle. Her voice echoed all over the palace grounds. “I better get going.” I said to my trainer. I gave her a quick hug before racing off towards the castle. “Uh-oh” I thought as I walked through the doors. “Mum said you were to go to her room immediately.” Delancie said with a smirk. I walked slowly up the stairs dragging my feet behind. I knocked on the door of mercilessness. “Come in” my mother said rather wearily. I waited at her bed wondering if I’ll ever make it out alive. Finally the covers unfolded to reveal my chubby mom. “What have you been doing?” my mother asked sternly, almost daringly. “Nothing ma’am.” I mumbled. “What were you doing?” my mom asked again, this time louder. “Um, climbing an enchanted tree with obstacles.” I mumbled a bit quieter. “With whom?” my mother pressed on. “W-w-with my trainer.” I stammered. My mom pressed her lips so hard that they were practically pure white. “Sarah, how many times have I told you, you could fall and break a bone! Trust me, I’ve seen it before and it is not pretty. Plus, that’s not how a proper princess should behave. The next time you meet with your trainer she shall be thrown in the dungeons, understood?”, “Yes ma’am” I mumbled. “Go to your room NOW.” My mother ordered. “You shall be put in time-out like a five year old. I am very disappointed in you.”

I guess I really ruffled mom’s feathers. The next thing you know, Mom is going to move into a different castle with no woods to explore, no creek to fish in and worst of all, no trainers. I wonder how I’m going to survive…