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My friend Maya Chan and I have recently started a game based on the Inheritance Cycle (it’s a series of books). She is Autumn Islanzadisdaughter my character is Carmella Islanzadisdaughter. The last names are REALLY weird. We both have a dragon. Mine is Amethyst Saphirasdaughter and Autumn’s (Maya) is Flash Thornsson. We get these random quests and we create profiles for each one. The picture is my profile for the first quest. Please read the Inheritance Cycle! The first book is Eragon, then Eldest, Brisingr and the last book is Inheritance (and I am sure I did not spell anything wrong).

4 responses to “A random picture

  1. It is Firnen. Eragon can be a little confused/dumb at times butt for the most part is okay. Like the dragons too. Sometimes I think that Saphira is so much smarter than Eragon. Arya is definitely wiser than Eragon though.

  2. I LOVED that series! I thought that Arya’s dragon’s name was Firnen not Ferin. And I also don’t like the ending. My friend Kassandra HATES Eragon and Roran, thinks Arya is OK, but really likes the dragons…she’s weird.

  3. Yes, she did and her mate is Ferin, (Feer-rin). Brom is Eragon’s dad and Arya does not die even though they part ways. Arya becomes a rider and Ferin is Arya’s dragon. Eragon and Saphira both learn their true name and Eragon tells Arya’s his and Arya’s tells Eragon her true name. Sad ending, I don’t approve. 😦

  4. Saphira had a daughter??
    I think in Brinsingr saphira mentioned that Eragon’s father was Brom. yes? And who was saphira’s mate? Did Arya die? Pardon my questions, because I haven’t read inheritance,and only half of Brisingr.

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