Daily Archives: February 8, 2012

Santa Marta Performance

On Saturday January 28th 2012, six members of the Jasmine Dance Group went to the Santa Marta senior living community. Among those were Elan and Mulan Jiang and Cindy Wang. Together, all six did a fabulous lantern parade led by Cindy bringing holiday spirits to all. Next, Elan and Audrey Cheng performed a wonderful long fan dance that was so bright and cheerful. Also, Jet and Mulan danced Jasmine, a beautiful and graceful performance. The lantern parade and the two dances were all done three times in three different places in the Santa Marta senior living community. Everyone did their performances exceedingly well.

The 2nd Annual Dance Competition

On January 22nd 2012, KCCAA successfully hosted its second annual dance competition. This year, the contestants ages ranged from 6 to 14. Each performed wonderful dances in traditional style costumes, showing the strong influence of Chinese dance among the younger generations. The three amazing judges that judged the competition this year were the dance director from the Legacy School of the Arts Michelle Hamlet-Weith and two Chinese dance teachers Wang Zhi Jie and Cui Chun Jie. Special thanks to Chinese Culture Connection for sponsoring the event.
Jasmine dance group members Mulan Jiang, Megan Lu, Elan Jiang, Audrey Cheng, and Cindy Wang all participated in the competition. Everyone did very well. In the seven and under division, Audrey Cheng received third place and Elan Jiang was the first place winner. Mulan Jiang was the champion of the eight to eleven divisions while Megan Lu received runner up. Cindy Wang received first place in the twelve to fifteen divisions. Congratulations to all!

A Stream

A Stream

I love how
the fish
swim through me
tickling me
making me laugh

I run across
the river bed
under the morning sun

The summer heat
annoys me
yet I love
laying under
the twinkling stars

The wind
is my Mozart
playing concertos
and sonatas for me

When my friends come
we enjoy playfully
splashing each other

I am a stream

This poem is officially dedicate to my awesome dad

Like a sailboat blown from its course by a gale off the sea,
You have been a great influence in my life to me.
Like a thousand-year-old rock buried under the sand,
You are forever there to lend a helping hand.
From the math you taught me to the roof up above,
Everything you have done for me was done out of love.
I realize now why you never put down the burden you are carrying,
It is because you love your family, about us you are forever caring.
It is simple and now I do know,
I love you and you love me so
Happy 42nd birthday!