Document 3

I have been writing poems for Mrs. Cowans, (my enrichment teacher), so that she can enter me into the contest, and hopefully have it published in a book of many other poems. I have a poem called Document 3 and a poem called Butterfly. I was wondering if you guys could give me advice? You don’t have to, but for me, feedback is much appreciated!


Document 3

I’m typing a poem, can’t you see,

the file is called Document three.

It’s all about donuts who keep score,

Kings and Queens that are quite poor.

Or dancing corn in Burger King suits,

and living green and white white polka dot boots.

My fingers clicking on the keyboard,

Then little Carla pulls the computer cord.

My poem is lost, is gone forever!

I wished it would come back with the pull of a lever.

I plugged the cord, and clicked the keyboard,

Mouth agape, I’m thinking LOOK! SEE!


One response to “Document 3

  1. I am not so sure about this poem. But it is great that you came up one like this. I wonder what other readers think about this poem.

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