Hunting for the Mona Lisa (part the end)

The Chase

We rushed out the door and examined every corner and room for the class. You probably know what happened, no luck. Not even a clue about where they were. There were footprints from other people but I don’t think any of my classmates had dirty shoes and if they did, I wouldn’t be able to figure out which one was theirs and if I did know the design on the bottom of shoe, I still wouldn’t be able to figure it out because the ground was splattered with dirt and had pieces of food on the ground that people left behind. You could tell that the janitor didn’t do a very good job. We looked out the door left and right. Suddenly I felt someone grab me by the arms. I turned my head. The (fake) detective was grabbing me and my teacher was grabbing Luke.

“You are under arrest for setting the school on fire and for stealing the Mona Lisa!” said the detective.

“What?! When did I ever. . .” I was yelled and I was angry.

“Jane, when did this rascal go to your school?”

“Ummm . . . I believe it was yesterday,” she said.

“The incident happened two days ago. That was just enough time for him to get back. It has to be him!”

The whole class gasped. I noticed the ripped part of the coat. I remembered all of the clues.

“Hey, we’re going the wrong way boss, what’s this?” I said holding up the piece of cloth.

The (fake) detective looked scared after I said ‘this.’

“W-what d-do you m-m-mean?” he said frightened.

“And what’s this?” Luke said holding up the burnt string.

“Th-that’s the string I burnt before I took the Mona Lisa.”

“So you admit it. Good choice.”

Luke immediately dialed 911 for the police to come. It took a long time because it was from theUnited states.

The next day the boss was arrested the case was solved.

4 responses to “Hunting for the Mona Lisa (part the end)

  1. Not being offensive, but the last part was kind of dull. Were you in a rush?

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