Daily Archives: January 21, 2012


Today I visited Helzberg Hall, which is in Kauffman Center. It is blue, white, and silver, and very smooth! The architecture’s designs were very abstract. YOYO MA’s actual master class was with 3 girls, and they were all celloists. It was funny, but he had very good playing tips. At one point He invited a little girl onto the stage to express his funny way of describing how the variation should go. The YOYO MA master class was definetely worth my time, and with 2 hours. I recommend going to his masterclass! PS. On the way to our seats, I bumped into my Spanish Teacher, Senorita Jackson. Her son was playing cello too.

Shiny Gems Get Together

       The shiny gems get together was a blast! We spent the whole afternoon together at Town Center. I think ice skating was the best part. Whenever I start gliding on the ice, I totally forget about every thing. And I finally mastered my axle turn! It’s so exciting!!

        After ice skating we went to CPK for lunch. I shared a table with April, Amy, Mulan, Faith, Eric, Jennifer (which Amy wanted to get rid of very badly) and I. We ordered a spinach Artichoke dip and drinks by OURSELFS! I feel so grownup! Amy, Jennifer and I shared a pizza together. It was delicious! I loved the way the cheese just melts in your mouth. Yum!!

Pottery Blast

On the 14th I went to a pottery class. My mom had to go in the drop in because she hasn’t had experience with clay before. In my class, we did some pottery on the wheel and we made animal masks. If you guys have done any pottery on those wheels that you get from Wal Mart, this is way different. The wheel that they have is electric. You still use a pedal but I think the one in Red Star Studio is still more exciting. Oh, I forgot to tell you. The studio name is Red Star by the way. The wheels in Red Star costs $4,000.

          We got to make two cups but, my second cup turned out kind of like a bowl. The steps are confusing and the wheel makes your hands hurt. I think centering the ball of clay is the hardest part. You squeeze the ball of clay while the wheel is turning then you push it back down. You repeat these steps until the ball of clay is centered. The rest of it is kind of easy. You make a hole then pull the sides outward. After that you pull the sides up. Then finally you stop the wheel and pull the cup off. Everything’s pull, pull, pull it sounds so professional!

            My favorite was the animal mask. I like to do hand-made stuff with clay better than the wheel. First you get a paper mask only the paper mask is the mask of a human face. You need to add the ears, the snout and all those other things by yourself. My animal mask is based off of a tiger. I forgot to add whiskers so when it’s time to glaze I’ll just have paint them on. I’m actually pretty pleased with my mask, it turned out really nice. Now we just need to hope that it survives through the kiln. Same story with the cup/bowls. For a first time on the wheel, I’m impressed. When I first got on the wheel, I was imagining a big blob of wet clay!

               Well, let’s cross our fingers and hope that my projects pass the level of kiln! Until next time!!