California Pizza Kitchen!

When the skating ended, the whole blog went to CPK for lunch. It was less than a block away, so most of us ran there.

My table, Jennifer, Amanda, Mulan, Eric, Amy, Faith, and me felt mature enough to order spinach Artichoke dip by ourselves, and our drinks, which were 2 rootbeers, 2 ice teas, and a bunch of waters. Mulan and I shared a margherita pizza. When you bit into it, the parmesan and mozzerella would melt in your mouth as a zing of oregano attacked your taste buds. The crust was as crispy as a cracker, that I dipped it in the artichoke dip too. I loved it all, chewy, crispy, and soft, all into one.


2 responses to “California Pizza Kitchen!

  1. It was a good experience and the weather was super nice that day!

  2. all in one note … sounds yummy!

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