My Random ToothBrush Story… Part 1!

     As a start for the new year I thought I might try to write a short story or novel. Depending on how the story goes. Also I need some help with the title of my story, and other parts in the story. So please comment and help! Thanks! Now on the story…  

     I stood in the center of the woods, watching the leaves dance in the wind, and thought, “This will be my last time to relax here.’ In my hand I am holding the  thing that can save the world, the ONLY thing that can save the world from the Dark Council. The Dark Council is made up of 7 big guilds that control thousands of little guilds, and I have the thing that can destroy them. My wand or so I say,”my toothbrush.” My magical toothbrush. Only I can control it and only I have the power. If I do the slightest thing wrong, The world will be at its end.

       I drew a big circle in the air with my wand and said,”(idk what to put here, im thinking of circadendum.)” The circle came to life, it started to glow and inside there was something twirling. I put one leg into the circle, which is now a portal, and it felt like fire was eating my leg. I pulled my leg out before you could say Potato Island. I decided to jump in super fast and it worked! I was in between space and time. I just had to say a place and a year and I would be there.

     So I said,”Potato Island in year 926!(which is this year)” In a flash I was there, standing in the middle of a battle.

3 responses to “My Random ToothBrush Story… Part 1!

  1. Does your “toothbrush”/ magic wand look like a toothbrush? You could describe how it looks.

  2. Hey, instead of Potato Island, how about Muffin busters?
    And The title could be “The only Toothbrush that saves the world and Doesn’t get enveloped in a mouth of DNA and saliva who is named Stick” ?

    • Rainbow Moonstone

      That title is a bit tooo long. and i could use Muffin Busters on a different island. My friend made Potato Island and she would be mad if i took it out.

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