Journal Entry 4 (in Vail now!)

“Yahoo!” I shouted. Kevin, Austin (two VERY annoying boys who I don’t like but am stuck with for no apparent reason) and I were skiing down Eagle’s Nest Ridge. We ha long since lost Jennifer and Anna and had went off by ourselves. We decided to go down Coyote Crossing the whole way. As usual, Kevin and Austin were already at the bottom of the slope, waiting. We continued to ski the green but occasionally a few blues if they lead back onto the green ( we wanted to ski blue the whole way down but Kevin said no because he didn’t want us to get hurt). Soon we came across a fork. Gitalong Road or Lion’s Way (or of course the double black diamond in front of us).  We chose Gitalong Road. But then when we ended up in Vail Village, we saw the lift Vista Bahn Express. Where were we?!? How did we end up here?!? How could be get back to Lionshead Circle? Kevin went up to  a ski school instructor and asked “Excuse me, could you please tell us how to get back to the Vail Chophouse?” (The Vail Chophouse was where we ate lunch). We took a crowded bus ride where I was holding all the poles, Kevin held his skis and mine, and Austin who only held his skis. When we got home, the parents were so relieved to see us I got three dollars! Best part of the day.

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