Journal Entry 3

Warning: This entry is full of complaints and is probably dangerous to your health.

5 things I HATE about ski school:

1) It is SOOOOOOOO boring!!!!!!!!!!

2) They put you in levels you have already mastered.

3) The instructors are terrible-they don’t teach you anything.

4) They take you onto slopes waaaaaaay to EASY!!!!!!

5) I get BORED TO DEATH!!!!!

When I took the harassment, they decreed me level 4-5, somewhere in between, (at least I think so). Instead, they had me do level 3 because it was the first group they found. The instructors (Danielle and Jason) took us down bunny slopes and later Red Buffalo. VERY EASY!!!!! I ski Safari and Pinderoon (Black Diamonds) not Red Buffalo! They said I mastered everything  at the end of the day too! The only thing I learned:

NEVER go to ski school in Beaver Creek!


2 responses to “Journal Entry 3

  1. Yes. Mom and dad complained

  2. Did they have a box where you can drop off a note telling them about your complaints?

    On the other end, is it good to get an official verification that you “mastered everything”? Good job!

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