Daily Archives: December 25, 2011

Journal Entry 3

Warning: This entry is full of complaints and is probably dangerous to your health.

5 things I HATE about ski school:

1) It is SOOOOOOOO boring!!!!!!!!!!

2) They put you in levels you have already mastered.

3) The instructors are terrible-they don’t teach you anything.

4) They take you onto slopes waaaaaaay to EASY!!!!!!

5) I get BORED TO DEATH!!!!!

When I took the harassment, they decreed me level 4-5, somewhere in between, (at least I think so). Instead, they had me do level 3 because it was the first group they found. The instructors (Danielle and Jason) took us down bunny slopes and later Red Buffalo. VERY EASY!!!!! I ski Safari and Pinderoon (Black Diamonds) not Red Buffalo! They said I mastered everything  at the end of the day too! The only thing I learned:

NEVER go to ski school in Beaver Creek!

Journal Entry 2

What’s the easiest slope in Beaver Creek? Cinch, of course. Yet it is long and a great ski slope for beginners and professionals alike.  For beginners, it’s great because it is so easy and long. For intermediates (like me!), it’s one of the best slopes to practice and master parallel skiing on. For pros, they can just zoom down the mountain without having to worry about bumps, ice, trees, and even rocks! This slope is special for me because it is where I learned and mastered parallel.

Journal Entry 1 of my trip to Vail and Bever Creek Colorado

Today. as my first day in Beaver Creek, of course I was stunned by the scenery. The frosty diamond snowflakes danced through the air pushed by the chilly, winter wind. Sharp evergreens dotted the landscape. Tall, jagged mountains rose into the sky high, high above the rolling hills an the cute little village. All the buildings make me think of warm cozy fireplaces and hot chocolate with melted marshmallows. Puffy white clouds match the powdery white snow. As I zoomed down the slopes, I felt lucky to be in such a beautiful world.