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Christmas Couplet

As people lay sound in bed,

Enters a plump man in red.


Winter solstice poem

The snowflakes shimmer in the light,

Layer the ground bright white.

The stars start glitter,

And snow starts to flitter,

And the Winter solstice is in sight!

My Christmas eve Poem

The thin cold draft comes creeping in

As inches of snow come sweeping in

The just suddenly become so long

Beacause we stay up to play Mah-Jong!

Hunting for the Mona Lisa (part 2)

Sneaking to the Museum

The ride took about an hour and was so boring I almost fell asleep. At the airport, I woke myself up by putting lots and lots of cold water on my face. The time was eleven-o-three. I looked at the schedule.

“We don’t have much time Luke,” I said. “The plane leaves at eleven twenty.”

“We’ve gotta be quick,” replied Luke eyes wide open.

“Let’s move!”

We ran up and down the stairs trying to find tickets toParis. We rushed left and right but still couldn’t find any tickets. All we found were tomatoes from hamburgers, ripped up pieces of paper, and water bottles thrown around trash cans. Then, I found two gold pieces of paper laying on the ground. I ran to them. They said: Ticket toParis. Best seats in the plane is yours.

“Dan, we found two one million dollar tickets!” said Luke.

“These are really one million dollars?!” I asked.

“Of course, do you think I’d lie to you?”


“Hey, it’s eleven eighteen already.”

“I’m not surprised.”

“C’mon! Let’s run!”

People got in our way and blocked us. We had to walk there which would’ve taken us about five to ten minutes until someone called on the intercom, “We will depart toParis,Francein a few seconds.”

People ran all around the place trying to find the plane toParis. I had to wait until everybody was done running like maniacs to get on theParisplane. I gave the man who took all the tickets the golden tickets. He took them like he wasn’t surprised we had them. We ran to the best seats in the plane and sat down. They were probably the most comfortable seats in the world. It felt so relaxing just sitting on the seats. We had TVs, video games, drinks, snacks, and many other great things. The plane took off and we were off toParis.

The ride was great we got off and immediately ran to theParis,Franceairport. When we got there, I saw my class walk up the escalator.

“Hide!” I whispered to Luke.

“Why?” he whispered back.


We ducked behind two tall green plants. Luckily they didn’t see us.

“Luke, next time I say ‘Hide!’ hide, okay?” I said.

“Got it,” Luke answered.

We ran up the escalator trying not to be spotted by the class. We sneaked behind stores and restaurants that the class walked by. When I walked out someone was looking at me and I quickly jumped back hoping they didn’t see me.

“Was that Daniel?” asked my classmate Josh.

“Josh, you were probably just seeing things. You really need to get better glasses than those cracked pieces of junk,” said someone in my class.

“Phew,” I thought. “We were almost caught.”

“Man, that was close,” said Luke.

“Yeah I thought the detective was gonna arrest us.”

The class went downstairs and took a bus to theLouvreMuseumor also known as the Musée du Louvre.  We had to sneak over to the bus which was pretty easy but getting on the bus without being seen by our class? Now that’s tricky. We’ll either have to be seen and get punished or not be seen, which would be pretty rare, and get very uncomfortable.

“Luke, do you have a plan for us?” I asked hoping he did.

“Sorry, nope. I’m smart but I’m not that smart,” he replied.

“I guess we’ll have to wait for another bus than.”


The wait was long and boring. About twenty or thirty minutes I believe and we had nothing to do. But when the bus did come, I said, “Luke the bus is here.” I punched his shoulder a few times. He was sleeping. I punched harder and harder. He never woke up.

“Must be a heavy sleeper,” I thought.

After about two minutes he woke up.

“Is the bus here yet?” he asked.

“We missed it ‘cause of you. Why did you go to sleep?” I asked.

“I was just tired.”

He yawned.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

“Okay let’s wait another few minutes,” I said.

Another twenty or thirty minutes past, leaving Luke and I way behind the class on the case. I was bored. I was glad that Luke didn’t go to sleep this time. We got on the bus and waited until the driver said, “Musée du Louvre.”

We ran off the bus and went in as quickly as we can.

The place was large. It looked almost fifty times larger than an apartment building inChina(the apartments there are very very tall). We went inside and saw many crowds of people there looking at great works of art. But, when we got to one wall of artwork, there was a huge space that looked about two feet wide and taller than me. I knew that it was the Mona Lisa’s spot. Then, the class came and they spotted us.

“We’re in trouble Luke,” I whispered.

Luke turned around very quickly. He looked at me.

“You’re right. We’re dead,” he said.

“What are you doing here? Daniel!?” said my teacher, Mrs. Anderlin.

“Um . . . looking around,” I said.

“Why did you come toParisthen?”

“Uhh . . . we . . . wanted to . . . look at the art museum.”

“Arrest them!”

The detective came and took out handcuffs.

“I really hate to do this boys but your teacher paid me,” he whispered.

“I’m not letting this happen,” I said. “C’mon Luke. Let’s run!”

We ran out the door and hid under a tree. It was a long wait before we lost the class. We needed a new plan.

“Luke, got a plan besides sneaking?” I asked.

“Um . . . Yeah,” he said. “Listen closely.”