Random Facts on Pocky Sticks! ^^

Facts on Pocky Sticks:

v     Breadsticks covered in various flavors

v     Actually pronounced like Pokey does not rhyme with hockey

v     Were created in 1963 by the Glico Corporation

v     Was not called pocky at first was called Chocoteck

v     First flavor is chocolate

v     Pocky came from the sound pockin’

v     In 1971 a new flavor, almond, came out

v     Six years later Strawberry flavor came out

v     Ever fall a new flavor is out

v     Some flavors are only in Japan

  • Grape in Nagano(super rare)
  • Lemony-mikan in Kyushu
  • Sweet milk
  • Tsubu Tsubu Strawberry (strawberry sauce with “real” strawberry in it.)
  • Almond crush (chocolate with crushed almond pieces)
  • Winter set which contain chocolate pocky and coca powder
  • Glico Pocky and Mart (mini series)
    • White and chocolate
    • Custard and Orange
  • Glico Pocky Panda- Cookies and cream (makes a LOT of sense… Chocolate breadstick and white cream with black cookie pieces)
  •   Salty!
  • Black Sesame- white chocolate with sesame seeds
  • Brazilian Pudding
  • Murasaki Imo- sweet potato

v     There is a Malayisa version from Glico called Rocky

v     Also a Korean called Pepero  not from Glico (people got the idea from Pocky thought)

v     In UK is called Mikado

v     In Hong Kong in 2008 the China Glico made Pocky Men’s

v     Pocky men’s  Chocolate is a Dark chocolate Pocky and is not as sweet.

v     Pocky Men’s Bitter chocolate= very bitter not very sweet.

This was for a speech fo Speech and Drama at my school. ^o^

2 responses to “Random Facts on Pocky Sticks! ^^

  1. As a fan, WIL U BUY ME POKEY_DOKEY STICkS 4 ME???

  2. Interesting. I like to eat Pokey Sticks but I never knew any of those facts!

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