Daily Archives: December 12, 2011

Matilda by roald dahl

Matilda is the book I’m doing for letters for literature.

Matilda is a remarkable girl, and this book of Mr. Dahl’s is as well. I can relate to this book because the way Matilda self-teaches her is like how I know something, whats wrong, but don’t know how to solve it. And eventually, she finds a creative way to do it! But I’m also really different from her. I have good parents, she doesn’t, I was brought up in tenderness, she wasn’t. I really admire her, because she has common sense, and is intelligent. If my dad was to read Matilda, he would start a jealous comparison. If I could I would pop into this book, be Matilda’s parents, and allow her to be inrange of college. Just a kindergardener gettin ready for college! But her school must be private, because a principal dictator would be caught. It’s so cruel to have your headshoved into soft, fluffy chocolate cake and forced to eat or being flung over a fence by your braids. The Chokey! A terribly small small space with dense air filled with who-knows- what-is-sticking-out-from-the-wall, and not-sure-smells-funny-around-me.