Daily Archives: December 4, 2011

Crown Center And Its Wonders

Yesterday at Crown Center, I had a piano concert. I played a duet with my teacher of Frosty the Snowman. The concert was for anybody that walked by. I’m pretty pleased with my performance. No stumbles of misplayed notes. It sounded very festive! Speaking of festive, at practice time, my piano teacher told me to dress festive. So, on Saturday morning, I wore a red sweater with white designs and a plaid skirt with warm grey leggings and a pair of cute snow boots. My mom said I looked liked an American girl doll. The whole thing lasted about half an hour. After that, we decided to spend the whole day at Crown Center. While my mom and my sister were waiting in the line to go to Crayon Land, my dad took me to the gift shop. I got a “license plate” for my bike and some gifts for my friends. When we were finally in Crayon Land, I was like, “What did I get myself into?” Crayon Land is sooo boring! All it is, is a trail around the room with little activities and slides then at the end of the trail you get to see Santa and take a picture then tell him what you want for Christmas. But, the best part about this day was the ice skating. In case you haven’t been to Crown Center, the ice skating is an outdoor rink. After it being a long time since I’ve stepped on ice, I was pretty surprised to see how good I was. It felt so good racing on the ice with breeze in your face. Ice skating is a wonder! And after all this time I can still do a lunge! Crown Center is a place filled with wonderful wonders!!