Daily Archives: November 26, 2011


At  center, a few days ago, I went To CROWN CENTER

When I was 5, I took ice skating lessons. I became really good at it. Before I quit, I learned the backwards Grapevine

TODAY, I FELL DOWN A LOT. Like 8 or 9 times. I had to tug on Promethium’s sleeve to stay balanced. After skating 15 minutes, they took out the Zamboni which is a huge mop/tractor that cleans up skating snow and smooths the cracks. That way it is easier to skate. Before that, I had to change my skates to a size 4.

NOTE: if you have never skated before, and you aren’t skating with a teacher, YOU WILL FALL. DOWN. ALOT.

Thanksgiving limericks

The gravy tasted a little sketchy,

Personally, I thought was bleckky,

The turkey was chunky,

The stuffing looked funky,

After eating, my tongue was all stretchy!!


I will (P)='[O][//’`~{S}&^%/.|T| more next {T}(i)[m]/e\!!