The Halloween War (part 5 the end)

The Furniture Help Me

“I believe we forgot about them,” I said quietly.

They crawled swiftly over to us and tried to stomp on us. We slashed, hit, blocked, dodged, and everything we could to destroy them. The furniture rushed out of the house and made angry faces. They started charging into the spiders knocking them far away over houses breaking their legs and their body apart. The stone tarantulas were harder though. They were much bigger and their rock and stone bodies made them almost invulnerable. I tried burning them with flaming spheres of magma but all that did was make them mad. Laura started hurling tornadoes which also did nothing because of the creatures’ weight. Jonah tried to use balls of electricity to get them but did nothing. Lucas tried hurling tidal waves but only made them wet and furious. Now the furniture did a big role in the war. They used all the plants they could find and neatly straightened them. They glowed bright green and all of them landed in front of me. In front of me were plant arrows with sharp tips and a bright green bow. I picked them up and got ready to shoot. When I shot, the arrow pierced right through the stone and landed on the street.

Then, dozens of plants and grass grew around the creatures. A while later, they were pinned to the ground firmly. They started squirming and kicking but all it did was make the plants get them even tighter. They faded shortly after I shot the arrow. Most of the spiders died. There was one left. I jumped up and stabbed my sword all the way through him. I thanked the furniture for the weapon and watched as the monster roared in pain.

“RRRAAAAAARRR!!!!” it roared painfully crying.

It faded away immediately.

“We’re done!” I said.

“Let’s go home!” shouted Jonah.

We went home. I said bye to my friends as the furniture followed me. I went inside.

“WHOA!” I yelled frightened.

“Gotcha!” shouted my mom. “You did it!”


“Awesome, now let’s go have dinner.”

It really was an ultimate quest. I ate dinner and kept thinking about it. I couldn’t get it out of my mind. It was the most awesome thing I’ve ever done in my life.


One response to “The Halloween War (part 5 the end)

  1. I’ll be posting a mystery story soon, so look for it in November-December.

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