The Halloween War (part 4)

A War Begins

I dodged his attack and Jonah shocked him with electricity. He looked back at us. Jonah was amazed. The electricity had done nothing. All it did was make him faster.

“Jonah, did you know that I am also an electricity person? Do you know what that means?” He asked.

“What,” said Jonah.

“I am immune to your attacks.”

He went in front of me and knocked me out of the way with a push that shocked me badly. I watched Lucas and Laura combine their attacks. A hurricane demolished the house one slab of wood after another. The people didn’t care though. Only a few fire warriors rushed out the back door. My friends made sure that I wasn’t getting sprayed. Then Jonah joined in and put electricity in the hurricane. Now it was a powerful laser. Water warriors ran out the back because they can get shocked pretty badly by electricity. I helped hurl fireballs on the plant warriors who were using plants to tie-up my friends. I only hit one who burnt to death and faded. Then, they all ran away.

“Well, that was easy,” said Laura.

“Yeah, it was,” said Lucas.

We went outside and thought we were safe, but in front of us was probably an army of at least a million magicians. Then, I got a call. I took out my cell phone and said, “Hello?”

“Hey, Zack, what’s happening to our furniture?!” asked my mom.

“What do you mean?”

“They disappeared. I know you have something to do with it. BRING THEM BACK!”

My mom was angry now. I realized that I should’ve looked when something floated by me. That was probably what she was talking about.

“Are you ready for war?” asked one of the magicians.

“You bet I am,” I replied.

“You asked for it.”

Trees popped out of the ground and opened their eyes which were crimson red. Their branches moved and their roots helped them walk. Rocks came to life. They flew threw the air and clinged together like puzzle pieces. Soon, about a hundred trees were in the army and about a hundred rock soldiers were walking towards us. Then, all of the magicians raised their swords and signaled many spiders and tarantulas to come. They merged the trees and spiders together to make giant wooden spiders that moved around with purple venom dripping from their needle sharp fangs. Their eyes were blood red. Just standing in front of one could kill you. They merged the tarantulas with the rock and stone soldiers and made giant stone tarantulas. They seemed so heavy that they could smush you just by touching you.

“Oh no,” I whispered staring at the army of magicians. “We need an army.”

“I agree,” said Laura.

The leader raised his sword again but this time, instead of twirling it around and around, he stabbed it deep into the surface of the earth. The ground rumbled. It felt like an earthquake but worse. We were stumbling and rolling. Grass was growing super-fast and strangled us. Some of it started wrapping around our necks and choked us. I was glad that it didn’t choke me that badly. Just when I reached for my sword, grass wrapped around our hands like handcuffs but tighter. I didn’t have enough energy to destroy the plants with fire so I just stood there painfully.

“Give it back,” the leader said.

“What (cough) are you (cough) talking about?!” I replied.

The leader just got mad and somehow sent dark magic into my mind. This was torture. It made me think of horrible things. Witches cackling and flying , jack-o-lanterns coming to life and laughing, and all sorts of scary things.

“YOW!!” I cried.

“Torture, huhn?” said the leader. “This is the magic of nightmares. Now you will suffer from this magic forever. You’re mind will ache, your soul will turn black, and you will become evil and ten times more powerful with evil magic. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!”

“You can’t.”

But he was right, I was feeling better and stronger. The long grass shrunk back to its regular size. A dark-purple light glowed around me. I was being controlled by the magicians.

“Zach, destroy them!!” yelled the magicians.

I took out my sword and immediately it turned into a sword with a white circle that glowed brightly. It became much longer and now I was turning into a giant. I was growing bigger by the minute.

“A moon sword,” whispered the leader. “We’re all doomed. It’s already four o’clock. By midnight he’ll have an army of werewolves, werecats, and were-everything.”

“Break the spell!” the magicians shouted.

“I-it’s impossible. We’ll just have to fight him.” Said the leader frightened.

“NO!” yelled my friends.

“We have to it’s the only way!”

“Fine, but if he dies . . . you’re gonna pay. CHARGE!” shouted Lucas as he shot a tidal wave at me.

The wave wasn’t that big so I just bashed it out of the way which sprayed many magicians. Jonah sent tons and tons of volts of electricity but all I felt was a small sting. I put my hand up letting the electricity come into my hand. Jonah probably knew what was going to happen because five seconds after I started getting electricity, he stopped it. I swung my arm throwing a ball of electricity that was probably felt like about a ton (I mean ton as in: A ton is equivalent to 2,000 pounds) of electricity. It struck my friends and the magicians pretty badly because they were bleeding and covered in a bunch of dirt. Laura used her last bit of energy to summon a tornado to destroy me. I just picked it up like it was a piece of paper and used it like a leaf blower to blow everybody away like they were bugs. They flew back about twenty yards and could barely get up. Now I realized what I was doing.

“My friends,” I thought.

I had a plan. I still had the moon sword. I remembered the skull’s words. You can send messages to people. I sent them a message.

“Tell the magicians to get in one place,” I sent them.

Somehow, they knew it was me.

“Everybody get together,” said Laura painfully.

The magicians got together in a group and I slashed their heads off with my sword. They faded away. I turned back to normal. Then, I heard a sound like someone was stepping on leaves. I turned around quickly. The wooden and stone spiders were ready to attack.

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  1. Almost over! 🙂

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