Hre’mon Dragons

Hre’mon was a place where peace and quiet reigned the place. Ha! YOUR WET POOPERS NO. Hre’mon is WAR. The Rogue fighters love Hre’mon. The Draguns hate Hre’mon. For centuries the Rogues and Marietta have tried to trade it for the rich soil-land of Heskq’uar.


Laea Azure crouched down with the torn hem of her dress. Neur, a dragling screeched. Laea spun around intensively to clamp Neur’s snout shut. She thought of a simple magic hymn. TOu’Re! The only beginner’s traveling spell. she had heard those in the temple try it.

She opened her eyes only to find Neur screeching once again, and silver tunnel forming before her she took a step into it and screamed. Not to walk forward, but below. Thump! Laea landed on her bosom and the horrible water dragon sound turned muffled and angry.


She accidentally also landed on Neur. Laea sat up and explored. The leaves on the trees weren’t sycamores! She carefully walked on the green grass towards a light opening. Curious, she poked her head out. She saw swarms of frowning people rushing around in odd clothes, metal colored things on wheels moving by itself, and big buildings! What she was really seeing was New York city, the place of the empire state building!


One response to “Hre’mon Dragons

  1. Jen Abelien Riordan

    Interesting. You could be a novel-writer like myself!

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