The Halloween War (part 3)

An Army of Enemies

Everything was old. Sofas were ripped-up, water dripped from the rusty faucet, broken clocks, old fashioned TVs, and books lay on the floor. The wooden floor creaked as I walked slowly on it. Delicate vases contained dead flowers. The house was more like a haunted place than a house. I looked at the calendar.

“That’s weird,” I started. “This calendar looks new.”

“What calendar?” asked Lucas.

“This one.”

Then I looked at the date. I started shivering. Inside my mouth, my teeth were chattering like crazy.

“Impossible, today!” I said.

“What do you mean?” asked Jonah.


I pointed at the calendar still shivering. It had all the days crossed out until it got to 30, October 30 is today. On the top, it said 2011 in fancy numbers.

“Impossible!” shouted Jonah squinting at the calendar.

“The Casters,” said the skull. “They live here.”

“They do?” I said.

“Yes, they do. They’ve lived here for centuries.”

Right after he said centuries, a light appeared. It was dark purple and had purple flames all around it. It changed into a skull made of purple flames.

“Who dares,” it started in a booming voice. “Why, Zack, hello, we’ve been expecting you.

The skull’s flame went away and instead was a hooded man. He took off his hood. He looked familiar.

He said, “Hello, Anderson, Jones, Thand, and Cretting.”

“How do you know our last names?” I asked.

“I used to teach all of you. Do you not recognize me?”

He did look familiar. I thought about it but all that did was give me an extremely bad headache. I could tell the others were thinking because they were sweating and covering their heads. I got real angry. He was trying to make our heads hurt and I didn’t like it.

“STOP THAT THIS INSTANT!” I shouted angrily as loud as I can.

“Oh, so you wanna play? Sure!” he said as he summoned a water sword.

It glowed bright-blue until he grabbed it. He twirled it around and around in the air. When he was done, tons of hooded men came and had water swords in their hands. The swords were different though. They were surrounded by some kind of dark forcefield. The colors of them were dark and black.

“Sons and daughters come!” shouted the man.

More people with hoods came. Now about a million dark magicians were in front of us.

“How are we gonna kill them?” I asked the skull.

“That, I cannot answer,” he said as he changed into one of the dark magicians.

He walked over to the other side.

“Traitor,” I said.

“I was ordered to bring you here. I am not a traitor,” he said.

“I don’t care. I will destroy you.”

“I’d like to see you destroy me.”

He charged at me and I was ready.

2 responses to “The Halloween War (part 3)

  1. cool! I really hate it when people stop their stories when it gets to the good part

  2. It’s the third part YAY! Enjoy. 🙂

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