The Halloween War (part 2)

The Ninjas

“Okay, so where do we go?” I asked the skull.

“We will go to the abandoned house,” he said. “But one thing.”

“What?” asked Jonah.

“You will need some protection,” replied the skull as he did weird motions.

Four lights glowed in front of us. They turned into the shape of swords. Each of them glowed a bright color. In front of me was a light that glowed flaming red. In front of Lucas was sea blue light. In front of Jonah was an electric yellow color. And in front of Laura was a white light. In a second, they dropped to the floor. Now they weren’t glowing anymore.

“These swords are the swords of the heroes. You, Zack, have the sword of fire, it allows you to control fire and create fire when you want it. Lucas, you have the sword of the sea. You can create storms and hurricanes. Jonah, you have the sword of electricity. You can control people with electricity. Laura, you have one of the greatest swords of all. You have the sword of air.” said the skull.

“So what if I have the sword of air,” replied Laura.

“With that sword, you can control air. You can take air away and force it away. You can create tornadoes and if combined with the others, you can make flaming tornadoes, electric tornadoes, giant hurricanes, and all sorts of destructive things.”

“Whoa. This sword is that powerful?”

“Yes, it is. Oh, and one thing. You can send messages to people.”

“Okay,” we all said.

“C’mon let’s go!” I yelled.

We rushed to the house. Then, out of nowhere, a ninja appeared then another and another. Three ninjas surrounded us.

“Who are these?” I asked.

“The warriors of Caster,” said the skull. “Be careful, they have similar swords like yours.”

“You’ve gotta be kiddin’ me.”

Suddenly, one of them aimed its sword at us and a giant dragon of flames appeared. It breathed fire but I blocked it. I tried to cut it but it was no use. It went right through him. A while later, it charged at full speed and knocked my sword away. The dragon went so fast, I was forced about five feet backwards. I glanced at my sword. It sat by a tree but didn’t have a scratch on it.

“Zack, get out!” Lucas shouted.

“What? Why?” I shouted.


Lucas was pointing his sword at the sky and a shower came pouring down.

“RRRRAAAAAAARRR!!” cried the dragon disintegrating in the water.

Soon, the dragon was gone. The ninjas looked mad.  Their eyes almost looked like fire was burning in them.

“You’re a goner Zachary Anderson,” said one of the ninjas as he stepped forward. “We are the warriors of Caster, the king of magicians. You’re no match against us.”

“I’ll destroy you before you know it,” I replied. “YOU are the goner.”


He hurled a blue sword towards me. It missed by an inch sailing back and bouncing off Jonah’s sword. The ninja put his hand out and the sword immediately went back to his hand.

“Water swords are your weakness,” said the ninja. “If you just touch one you will feel much pain.”

“You can’t destroy me,” I replied angrily.

The ninja charged at me and I summoned a fireball and hurled it towards the ninja.

“AURGH!” the ninja cried falling back onto the ground.

He got up and I put my sword in my sheath after focusing on it and allowing it to fly back to my hand. I summoned many fireballs and kept throwing them onto the weakened ninja. I threw about a hundred of the hot spheres. Finally, I finished him with one mighty stab with my sword.

“AAUHH!” he cried as he faded away.

The other ninjas ran (almost looking like they teleported) to a tree. They cut it off and forced it in my face. I was pushed back a long way and smushed under a tree. I summoned some fire and let it burn the dark brown bark of the giant tree. I didn’t get to cut it because my sword sailed out of my sheath and landed many meters away from me. While waiting for it to burn I watched the others slash at the ninjas. Something floated by me as I was watching them. I didn’t bother to look though. My friends weren’t doing so well. None of them came back to help. I tried pushing the tree now. It moved but only made things worse. Now my feet were suffering extreme pain. I almost cried. The fire was doing nothing. It only made the wood a little bit weaker. Somehow, I managed to take one of my feet out and break the wood. It rolled downhill.

“WATCH OUT!” I shouted.

My friends turned around immediately. The ninjas probably thought it was a trick because they just went towards my friends. My friends jumped and the ninjas were knocked over. Their swords flew across the grass and landed right in front of me. They were green and red. I picked them up and threw them like spears. They landed on their owners who picked them up but faded right away.

“I guess we’re finished with the ninja business,” I said.

“Yeah,” replied Lucas.

“C’mon let’s go!” shouted Jonah.

“Yeah c’mon,” said Laura.

We walked in front of the abandoned house and walked inside.

3 responses to “The Halloween War (part 2)

  1. I think your sentences are too short. you nee d compound sentences. Other than that, This story is great!


  2. I loved your story! Great suspense… 😀

  3. Enjoy the second part. 🙂

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