Exploring Beijing

Author’s Note: I wrote this for my English class when we had to write an essay about our favorite place. Enjoy!


      A true place of hidden beauty is waiting for you in the city of Beijing, where a feast for the eyes, mind, and soul will greet you with every step and turn. This wonderful city is a very special place to me, one of great happiness, bliss, and warmth.


       To the average person, Beijing is just like any other economic hub. Sky-high buildings tower over unending streams of people and cars. Swarms of pedestrians march on sand-colored sidewalks. Bicycles swerve and dart like fish around pedestrians leisurely crossing the streets. Beijing is indeed a fast-paced, active city full of life and commotion.


       In the early hours of dawn, the city slowly hums to life. Taxi drivers begin their daily routes, and early workers make their way to their workplaces.


       By the time the crystal-clear sunshine brightens the morning sky, Beijing has become a bustling commotion of noise. Impatient drivers tap their car horns. Women, clad in high heels and business attire, hurry across the streets to arrive at work on time. Children walk with their friends to school, laughing and chattering along the way.


       During the middle hours of the day, the noise level decreases. However, when the 4:00 rush hour comes by, Beijing roars to life once again like a lion in battle. The roaring loudness continues for about four more hours until it slowly fades away to a whisper in the darkness. The quiet whisper stays as soft as a kitten’s mew deep into the night until the emergence of dawn pierces the stillness once more, beginning a new day.


       Have you ever heard the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words?” Here in Beijing, that really is true. Beautiful, colossal landmarks like the Forbidden City, Great Wall of China, and Summer Palace are definitely worth the time and money to visit. You will be getting a glimpse of the powerful, ancient Chinese civilization and culture from the sophisticated architecture, grand designs, and nobility that you see.


       This, however, is not all that Beijing has to offer. Deeper into the heart of the city, breathtaking sights, unforgettable views, and gorgeous attractions fill my camera with hundreds of pictures each day. My mind fills with everlasting memories every time I visit, accumulating memories that I will love for years to come.


       While touring the ancient wonders of Beijing, you should stop by some of the more modern buildings like the Bird’s Nest and Water Cube. It is remarkable to see their high-tech designs and advanced engineering and to see how China has progressed and developed in the modern world of technology.


       If you get hungry while you explore Beijing, you will have no trouble finding something delicious to eat. Sweet, tangy candied hawthorns served on sticks are a tasty treat, most abundant during the winter season. Fragrant, mouthwatering lamb kabobs with just the right amount of seasoning and spices will tempt you almost everywhere you go. In addition, while in Beijing, you cannot miss the chance to buy some traditional Beijing snacks. Some have lots of sesame on them. Other snacks, like sweet, hawthorn slices, and Chinese candy, are also ones you should not pass by.


       If you have finished tasting and sampling the unique treats, you should try some Peking roast duck! You dip the duck meat, along with some cucumber and onion slices, in a salty, flavorful sauce. Using a thin, small, semi-transparent Chinese tortilla, you wrap the meat, cucumber, and onion like a burrito, and then eat it. It tastes so good! What the meat lacks in juiciness, it makes up in its extreme richness and superb taste. The mouthwatering scent smells exactly like the dish itself – wonderful and delicious. The one-of-a-kind meal that really defines Beijing is roast duck- you cannot say that you have visited Beijing without tasting Peking duck!


       Whenever I eat roast duck in Beijing, I am always with a table full of my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins who live there in the city. Celebrations with them are always cheerful and joyful, where we socialize and talk while we eat. Being with them gives me a very content, secure feeling, which always reminds me that family is the greatest treasure of all.


       If you were ever to open up a window to a completely new world and look deeper into it, you would see all of its glory, magnificence, and splendor. The window I have opened up takes me right to the heart and soul of the city of Beijing. No matter the time or year of my visit, I am never sorry to have gone in the first place.








2 responses to “Exploring Beijing

  1. Great description! I like it.

  2. very good description! I wish I can visit Beijing again.

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