Acrobats Show of China

On Friday, there was an acrobats
show, and they are The National Acrobats of China! There were yo-yos, and really cool
everybody-stand-on-a-bike-and-cover-the-bicyclist’s- face act, and juggling act
with 10 balls, but my favorite part was the amateur swan lake! There was this
really big clumsy guy dressed as the swan, and another guy in the suit. They
keep falling over on each other on purpose of course. Then the swan is so heavy
that the guy in the suit faint. The swan is about to do another leap when he
finds that the guy in the suit fainted! The swan tells him to come up, but
doesn’t, and realizes that he has fainted. The swan runs over, and tries to do
CPR on him, and it doesn’t work. The swan puckers up his lips, get ready to do
mouth-to-mouth resurrection, and the guy in the suit gets up and slaps the swans
face and runs away! 

Check out the awesome pictures on this website!

6 responses to “Acrobats Show of China

  1. the guys jumoing through the hoop was best

  2. I liked that one, but did the guy really slap the swan person in the face?

  3. Oh I LOVE the swan lake one!

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