Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday I went to the pumpkin patch with some of my friends. I had a great time! My favorite part was the corn maze. It was challenging and fun. We ran into three dead ends and retraced our steps four times. There were a couple of times when we got lost and it took FOREVER to get out! Other than the corn maze, everything else was kind of babyish. There were tons of slides and little pirate ships and stuff. There were also cannons that shot pumpkins. Shooting targets with pumpkins isn’t my thing but some of the others liked it. The pumpkin patch looked amazing! It probably took a long time to set up! There was a zip line too but we didn’t get to ride it. I really liked the pumpkin patch – especially with friends!

One response to “Pumpkin Patch

  1. Will the pumpkins be eventually carved? If so, show us pictures of your carved pumpkins! Perhaps we should have a pumpkin carving contest …. Your thoughts?

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