9/11: My story of Alis and Philip 1

It was a bright clear morning while a private tourist was leading us around the top of the North World Trade builing. Each of our eyes were following the tourist’s index finger. Sorry. When I mean each of us, I mean my sisters and brother’s eyes.

There was Alis, Phillip, and Baby Cisi, whom was born a week before mum and pop vanished. I mean, you would probably think thats sad, but we manage. Oh yes and there’s me Riquey. My favorite color is orange, I’m half Albino,( with a guide dog, Corn Cob), and yes, I am addicted to tissues.When Alis gets mad, she calls me Reeky Wreck.

Any ways, the tourist was boring, but the building was really interesting. I kept bumping into walls, and Corn Cob kept snoring.

At about 8:50, we got news that a plane was hijacked by terroristsand crashed the South trade building. Alis squeaked, and the tour guide with an urging voice, skittered down 32 flights of steps, and because I was half Albino, it took longer. By then it wwas raging in the lobby. Old ladies sprinting, flip flopped teens darting outside, texting OMG WEER GONNA DY!! But Why?

Then The next airplane had crashed at 9:03. this was the bloody part. Firefighters who were just then in the corner sprang into action. I fell. I don’t remember what happenned next, but I heard vicious barks and me being slowy dragged along a tile floor. Then someone had picked me up, I was asumming Philip, but he was a stick! He wasn’t meaty like my father had been.

I regained consciousness right before it happened. I looked out the window only to see chunks and particles of debris falling, trapping people, andcitizens on the top floors having no choice but to jump!
This was terribble! I rushed out, but before I could get to the exit, Corn cob ran out and a cinder block compressed his tail, wailing and squealing. Alis ran to the beefy firefighter next to the restroom, and


One response to “9/11: My story of Alis and Philip 1

  1. Want to read more. Keep writing!

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