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The Knight in Dull Armor (part 4 the end)

The (un)fabulous journey to camp

You might’ve thought it gotten better, but guess what? It got ten times worse. Right now I was at the mountain. The one where the draytaur through me off. It wasn’t that I couldn’t fly across the mountain, it was that there was an army of draytaurs there with rocks that said DR on them. They were armed in full magical armor, had the DR rock, and had a sword or lance in their hand. I was doomed. How could I get across that mountain without being caught?

“Hey bud now what?” I asked.

“Mmmm . . . ya,” he said pointing to himself.

“You know those people?”


“Go tell them to let us in, okay?”


The dragon flew over to the draytaurs and said some dragon language. I could understand them. Probably because my dad made the dragon. The dragon said, “Can we get in?”

“No,” the draytaurs said.

“Please we’re going to half-magic camp.”

“No, you may not get past unless you beat us in a battle.”

“But, that’s not fair.”

“Nothings fair in the world of magic. Are you fighting or not?”

“Fine we’ll fight.”

He came back and got me to help. I stood up and slowly trudged to the draytaurs. I wasn’t going to lose this time. I was ready to bash them. The dragon was fired up. He was going to kill the freaks. I had an idea. The draytaurs wouldn’t be able to deflect a giant meteorite.

“Bulalakawdo!” I shouted.

A meteor bolted towards the army. It was so fast you could barely see it. The draytaurs were dashing out of the way. The meteor cast an explosion of dust and rock. I heard some whispering. When the dust cleared, the draytaurs looked exhausted. A few fainted.

“Okay, you’re too good of an opponent you may pass,” said the leader.

“Thank you,” I replied.

We went on through the mountains and thought they were scared of us, but guess what? They turned around and the leader said, “We’re not done with you, Punk.”

I turned around, “I thought you said we could go, didn’t you?”

“Yes, but we were faking. We will kill you both.”

“You’re not winning, not this time.”

I suddenly remembered the hydra. I turned it into kuldvedulikul by ramming into it. I could do the same with the draytaurs. My wand was ready to get them. This was going to be the battle of the millennium.

“Schildbaldola!” I shouted.

A piece of iron wrapped around me. It was shining brighter than the sun, it was at least an inch thick, and it had a symbol on it. Good thing I was partially magician, I knew what it said. It said: Magical steel. One of the hardest materials in the world of magic. I was glad I had this steel. I could ram them easily.

“Is that all you got?” asked the draytaur leader turning his lance into a bomb.

“You really think you can destroy my shield with a bomb? This is magical steel.” I said.

“Well this bomb is called steeleater. It’s strong enough to turn steel into ashes.”

I was going to be killed. This was the best idea I ever had in my life and it was going to be ruined. Then I remembered, magical steel is the only material that is invincible. He was lying!

“Liars!!” I shouted.

“How are we liars?” they asked.

I wasn’t going to waste any more time. This was the end. Then another idea popped into my head.

“Buddy, blow fire on the shield ball around me,” I said.

“Ya,” he said as he blew flames onto my shield ball.

The place became hot. Not just like . . . um . . . seventy degrees more like ninety degrees. My shoes felt like they were on fire. The cloak I had on was killing me. This was my chance though, to demolish an army. I charged towards them. Burning them badly. Then, when the shield ball wore off, there weren’t any draytaurs anymore. Just kuldvedulikul and the dragon dancing happily.

“Let’s go bud,” I said.

“Ya,” he replied.

“Fluterimo,” I said drawing a star.

We fluttered up in the air and flew towards camp. Then, I heard a splashing sound. It came closer and closer and it popped out of the water beneath us. There in front of us was a sea-devil. He was mostly black, had glowing crimson eyes, shining white fangs, ripped up wings, and the longest arms you’d ever imagine. He had six tentacles coming from his back. They were purple and had claws at the end of them.

“Trolasero,” I said drawing a trapezoid with zigzags.

It blasted out fast. I thought it should’ve killed him but after the electricity stopped, I looked at him. He was totally unharmed. I rubbed my eyes just to see if I was seeing things right. He was still unharmed. He threw one of his tentacles at me.

“Uugh,” I said flying back five feet.

My arm was hurt. I checked it. There was a cut. Not like bandage cut, but a hospital cut. It was killing me. It felt like it was two inches deep. The flying magic wore off and I closed my eyes. I was unconscious.

When I woke up, the dragon was bouncing on my stomach like it was a trampoline. I looked around me. It was the place Cyton died, which meant we were almost back.

“Buddy, could you get off?” I asked.

“Ya, ya,” he replied.


I floated up in the air and I charged towards camp. It only took a minute. The draytaur came and said, “Hello, my young hero. You’re back already.”

“Yeah, um-” I started.

“Where’s Cyton?”

“At my home.”

“Why’s he there?”

“He died along the way and my dad told me he was there.”


“Should I get him?”

“No, this is the time for you to go home.”

And I went through a portal home. It was the greatest adventure of my life.