Daily Archives: August 22, 2011

Rafting whitewater (finally!)

I’ve been waiting months to go whitewater rafting and now I can finally do it in the Yellowstone River (bonus-scenery!!!) We went to the raft headquarters and they had us put on wetsuits. They looked at how skinny I am and gave me a wetsuit that was way to small. Well, the top was really baggy but the bottom was super tight. We got on a van that sent us to the Yellowstone River. We had to climb down a hill first. I hate climbing down hills!!! I slipped more than three times. Gr!!! We climbed into a ginormous fire engine red raft and we headed out to the river. Try to define whitewater. Whatever your answer is , I highly doubt it will come close to this. We rode the waves up and down getting soaked in the first few minutes. The water came in the boat higher than our ankles. For a second i thought we were going to sink. But we didn’t. Our guide named Ryan put a rope in front and asked “who wants to sit on it???” You and me (Yunming-Cindy’s dad) stepped up and tried it. He sad it was super fun so Ella (Audrey’s mom) volunteered. Then, I went. I didn’t care about getting wet, I just had lots of fun bouncing up and down with the crashing waves. It’s really quite hard to describe. I kept going to the front over and over again. We floated by Yellowstone’s Electric Peak. It’s made of iron and steel so lightning hits different parts of it a lot. At one point, my dad jumped into the water and swam with the waves. At another point we saw a hot waterfall. This was the thing i had waited months for and I wasn’t disappointed.

Neighing things

“snort, snort, snort.” That’s the sound you usually hear when you are riding a sneezing horse. This morning i went horse back riding. I mean actual horse back riding- not somebody leading me around a pen. I was completely on my own. Well, not completely on my own. I had two guides and a spunky, awesome horse named Lever. He’s a short sleepy chestnut bay (I think) and he’s mostly obedient.  We started out through the woods on a dirt path. Clip clop clip clop. I gave Lever a rub. Clip clop clip clop. “Deer!” I shouted. Everyone turned to look. It got scared and with a swish of it’s little deer tail, it disappeared into the woods. One of our guides, Bounty, started listing some of the forests flowers . Indian paintbrush, Fire something, and many others  I promptly forgot. “elk bone!” called Bounty. Suddenly the other guide, Tia’s horse reared up. and neighed super loudly. “Don’t worry! None of your horses will do that. This fellow is still in training. Clip clop clip clop. The silent forest was peacefully beautiful in many ways. Moss clings to trees as fungus clings to rocks. Birds twitter overhead before majestically spreading it’s wings and soaring out the wind. I wished i could be up there so happy so free without a care n the world. Then suddenly we stopped. As soon as we stopped, Lever trotted ahead and started grazing. Bad boy Lever! I tried to turn Lever around but Lever refused to budge. It took three long kicks to get him to finally move. The trip back was the same thing. I will never forget this horseful morning