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The Knight in Dull armor (part 3)

The priesas vs. the magicians

I charged towards the ground as the dragon got ready to breathe fire. He floated to the ground. I heard a sound of swords slicing, fire burning, and all sorts of violent things.

“Stay here bud, okay?” I asked.

“Ya, ya,” said the dragon as it closed it’s eyes, folded up it’s wings, fell asleep, and started snoring.

I trudged towards the noise and sneaked into the temple. There was a knight in dull armor. I thought their armor were supposed to be shiny. I ignored it and went towards the magicians and there was my dad trying to kill him with magic.

“Hello my son!” he said excitedly.

“Hi dad,” I said.

“Rick, we’re having a big problem with this knight and where’s Cyton?”

“Um . . . uh . . . he kind of . . . died along the way.”


“A hydra killed him with electricity.”

“I hate hydras. They always try to kill people.”


“Now first things first, let’s kill this demon.”


“Rick this is an earthling, you’re the only one that can kill him. You’re part-human and part-magician you know.”

“Yeah, but I thought regular humans can’t live in this world.”

“Rick, this earthling came through a portal  and came here, and you cannot die in the temple no matter what.”

“Oh, well let’s try to get him back through the portal.”

“No! He’s partially a priesas. They are the enemies of magicians.”

“Then how come magic can’t affect him?”

“Rick, priesases can’t effect magicians and magicians can’t effect priesases. Only you can kill him. Turn your wand into a sword and destroy his body.”

“But how?”

“Just draw a cross in the air.”

“I don’t need to say anything?”


“Now kill him!”

I drew a cross with my wand and immediately it turned into sword. The blade was made of magical silver and steel. The handle was made from iron, leather, fairy cloth, and wand metal.

“A silverviper,” said Ferandulus.

“Is it a good sword?” I asked.

“Yes, one of the best.”

“Now I will kill this demon.”

“Be careful, priesases are difficult to beat.”

“I will.”

The fight began. I could sense where he would attack, even when he shot a bow and arrow. I blocked them all with silverviper. It went on forever. Attack, block, attack, block, etc. This guy must die, I thought. That’s when he got ambushed. I jumped in the air and cut his arm off. I thought he would surrender and go back to his home but instead, two arms popped out in his cut off arms place.

“What!? Impossible!” I cried.

“See they can’t die in the temple,” said Ferandulus.

Then I remembered Cyton’s words. ‘If you were just a regular human then you would suffocate in this world and your body would get destroyed by the gas on this planet until there is nothing left of you.’

Then, I got an idea.

“Hey, fatface why do you have three arms? Why do you look like you put your head in some trash? Why do you have armor that’s dull it makes you look dirty. Well, stinkface I gotta go right now bye.” I said.

The knight got mad, he was about ready to wreck me into a-million pieces. He ran towards me not realizing he was going to die. He jumped out of the temple trying to tackle me then, he fell and couldn’t breathe. That was the end of him. A glob of purple gas came down and devoured his body and hopefully not remembered again. My father came out and said to me, “You did it son, you are a true son of the greatest magician of all time.”

“I guess I am,” I replied.

“Well, I guess you need to go back to camp. You’ll find Cyton lying in your room Rick, Bye!”

“I’ll see you sometime later.”



I set off on my journey back to camp. I woke up the dragon and set off.