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The Knight in Dull Armor (part 2)

The mission starts and a million of bad stuff happens

Now I’m packing up my things. My wand, dragon food, food, drinks, spell book, etc. I grabbed my pack and went over to where Cyton was.

“You ready?” I asked.

“Ready,” he replied.

“Then let’s go!”

We went to the meeting spot and waved good-bye. Cyton and I went on our journey to the temple. We walked towards the temple slowly. It was 85 degrees Fahrenheit here according to my watch. I didn’t get how the dragon was not tired at all.

“Hey Cyton,” I started. “Do you know who your magician dad or mom is?”

“Yes, his name is Zorlin,” he replied.

“What is he the magician of?”

“He is the magician who created the gas on this planet, the magician who made the first half-magician, and the magician who wrote the spell book.”

“He wrote the spell book?”

“Yes, indeed.”


“Your dad’s even better than mine.”

“Well, yeah.”

“He made the first dragon, magic, and shaped the land on this planet right?”


“Whoa! Look!”

There in front of us was a Hydra (multiple headed dragon). He had a metallic head, a regular dragon head, and a half-metallic head. He charged his head at me at extreme speed. Its head jabbed me in the stomach and set me flying twenty feet back.

“Schildbaldola!” I yelled drawing a circle with an X inside.

A piece of metal wrapped around my body as I charged towards the hydra. Boom! I set them flying into the trees of a forest. A second later it melted into a golden liquid. I walked towards it.

“Don’t go to it,” said Cyton holding out his arm.

“Why not?” I asked.

“It might reform. Some monsters reform after they turn into kuldvedulikul.”

“What’s kuldvedulikul?”

“It is the monsters blood.”

“Oh, but how do they reform?”

“How they reform is still unknown. All we know is that they can reform.”

“Let’s go.”


Our dragon was curled up in a ball behind a rock looking scared.

“It’s okay little buddy he’s dead,” I said.

Then suddenly, I heard a rustling sound. I looked behind me and there was the hydra, coming for a rematch.

“How did it . . .” I said.

“I told you this just might happen,” Cyton replied.

This time it was different, the monster had five heads. One was metallic, one was regular, one was half-metallic, one was a cyclops, and one was made of rocks. They all could breath fire, water, electric, gas, and smoke. They started breathing fire and electric. I was shocked badly by electricity. Cyton was getting burnt by fire badly. I couldn’t stand up to get by spell book. Cyton’s cloak was turning black, his skin grew darker, and he was almost going to get killed by the flames of the dragon.

“Cyton!” I yelled.

“Urpistolar!” yelled Cyton drawing a rectangle with lines in it.

Water burst out making the flames vanish. That’s when the bad part came, all the heads of the hydra opened their mouths and shot out a hundred volts of electricity. Cyton was shocked terribly bad. He said his last sentence, “Goodbye, Rick Jackson,” and he vanished.

My stomach roared with anger.

“Trolasero,” I said randomly drawing a trapezoid with zigzags in it.

A mighty laser of electric burst out of my wand forcing me back two feet. The hydra roared in pain. Then it turned into a glop of kuldvedulikul. I fell to my knees and fainted.

When I woke up, I looked at my dragon who was happily dancing around on my back.

“Come on buddy. We’re going to have to do this ourselves,” I said.

“Ya, ya,” said the dragon.

“So come on, we have a long ways to go without our friend.”


“We might see him again.”

“Hmm hmm.”

“Let’s go.”


We were on our way to theTemplewhen we got to a river that was too dangerous to cross. There were whirlpools, serpents, and evil mermaids ready to kill me. But I wasn’t going to let that happen. I looked in my spell book and looked in the “useful spells” section. Ah-ha, just what I needed, I thought.

“Fluterimo,” I said drawing a star.

I floated up into the air and charged down towards where the monsters were. They showed their sharp teeth shining brightly in the sunlight.

“Trolasero!” I shouted underwater drawing a trapezoid with zigzag lines in it.

First one lightning bolt came out then two then three. And after about five seconds, a-thousand volts of electricity shot out of my wand hurting the monsters so bad, they turned into dust. There wasn’t one bit of kuldvedulikul. I was stunned. Am I really that good at using magic, I thought. I shot back up to the surface and smiled at the dragon.

“C’mon bud let’s go!” I said excitedly.

“Ya, ya,” said the dragon smiling.

“Fluterimo,” I said drawing a star with my wand.

I flew up in the air and charged toward the island up ahead. I landed gently on a mountain. Then, in the distance, I heard a twig snap. I sneaked towards the sound and there, holding a rock, was a draytaur, different from the one at camp. He had a scaly body, muscular legs, a fat red tail, and wings bigger than any of the wings I had seen before. He had his eyes pointed straight at me. I took out my wand. The draytaur took a piece of the rock on the mountain for a shield.

“Trolasero,” I shouted drawing a trapezoid with zigzags in them with my wand.

Again, a-thousand volts of electricity shot like arrows towards the draytaur. That’s when the draytaur got smart he got his shield and blocked off all the electricity. The rock was unharmed. I was shocked. How could that have happened? It should’ve broken the rock to pieces. That’s when I noticed the marking on the rock. It said: DR which I thought meant draytaur rock. The draytaur shoved me off the mountain. I searched for my wand. It was gone! Then, something fell. It was my wand and it was broken! The dragon saw me, swooped down, caught me, and landed me gently. Glad I had the dragon. The draytaur (the one at camp) was right dragons do help a lot.

“Thanks bud,” I said quietly.

“Ya,” he cried.

“We probably have to get a new wand for me bud.”


The dragon licked my wand and somehow repaired it. It became as good as new.

“Thanks bud!” I shouted excitedly.

“Ya,” replied the dragon.

“H-h-how did you do that?”


“Don’t know do you.”


“Well let’s continue.”

“Ya, ya!”

We went on towards the temple until I could see a temple. The temple had bright lights around it and was entirely made of different valuable stones. I could already sense something was wrong.

“Fluterimo,” I said drawing a star with my wand.

I floated towards the temple and I got my wand ready. That’s when the trouble started.


Last week I made COOOOOkies With Promethium and with out parent supervision!!!!! FREEDOM!! It felt like there was no limit in what we would do. (jump off a cliff 🙂 ) In the summer after noons, my mom is at work, so me and Promethium found something fun to do. COOOOOKIES!

We pretty much only made 12 coooookies because there wasn’t a lot of batter. To make them colorful, we added sprinkles. yay. The Batter was sticky, so the shapes of the cookies were blobs.

When the cookies were done, the house smelled like baked cookies, because there were baked cookies. (DUH) We took the pan of cookies out of the oven, and they looked perfect!! We waited for 15 minutes to cool down the cookies. When we actually ate them……………………………………………………………………………. the cookies were DEEEEEEEELICIOUS! The sprinkles were taste less and colorless. When we bit in to them, the outside was crispy the inside melted in my mouth, so did the chocolate.