Trip To China 9

Today I just came back from my friend’s house. I stayed for five days! She’s actually an adult. I really like her! She can do lot’s of crafts. Last time she taught me how to make flowers. This time she taught me how the thread beads into something like wallets, tissue boxes, and flower vases. It’s so fun! Right now I’m making a butterfly wallet. The wallet is actually used for holding your credit card or any kind of card but, I’m fine with coins. I need to make two pieces, then I need to pin them together. I just got done with the first piece and now I’m working on my second piece. It’s really pretty! I matched the colors and everything by myself. My friend’s daughter is also very nice. She’s 30 years old. I got to play with her too. I also like my friend’s daughter’s husband. He’s really cool! I really wanted to stay at my friend’s daughter’s house for a few days but they need to go to work. On the day when it was time to go, I almost didn’t want to leave! I was having a ball until my mom came. Right when the doorbell rang, my heart almost jumped out of my mouth! Well, when it’s time to go, it’s time to go. Same here with this journal! Until next time!


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