Trip To China 10

Last night I went to a piano concert. It sounded beautiful! The pianist was an old man nearly 90 years old. His name is Abbey Simon. Abbey Simon is an American renowned pianist invited to shanghai. He played EXTREMELY well for his age! The concert went on for 2 hours. It was so magnificent! Even the concert hall seemed to be shining with pride to have such an awesome man performing with them. Abbey Simon is really talented. I think it’s awesome to be so old and still play so good. I would be blessed to have him as my teacher! Today I also did something fun.  I WENT SWIMMING!!!!! It felt so good to be in the water again. I haven’t touched the water ever since I left USA. You don’t know how excited I was just to see a goggle! We had lunch at Papa John . It’s good to eat pizza again. When we were eating pizza, my mom said she felt like she was in USA again! These two days were truly amazing!


One response to “Trip To China 10

  1. THAT SOUNDS AWESOME!! Did the pool have waterslides???? Was it high class??? I haven’t been on a waterslide since I don’t remember!

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