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Trip To China 14 – the end

Yesterday I went to a party where my mom get’s together with her old friends. There was a boy who played with me over there. Without him I would be the only kid with only a sketchbook and a DS to entertain myself. The boy who played with me reminded me of a friend.I really like him AS A FRIEND! We ran around the whole place making friends with all the people who work here, we sat against dragon statues looking at fishes and telling ghost stories, we entertained the people who worked here with animal noises (dogs, birds, ducks, etc), we took food to the adults and ate some ourselves, we played games together and took  business cards and used them as flying plates, and we had a ball! He also taught me this weird way of fighting. It’s called the dog fighting. You get on all fours then you kick with your hind legs. It looks very awkward. As you know from my title, this is my last journal. I had a ball these two months and it was my pleasure to share my adventures with you. I love this trip and it was beyond amazing to be able to see all of my family again. I can only come once in two years. Can’t wait to see them again!Until next time! See ya!

Trip To China 13

I came back from my friend’s house today. I went over there again. This time we made flowers. My friend helped me make six BEAUTIFUL flowers when I helped make one petal. I kind of feel guilty. But, I gave my butterfly wallet to her so I guess we are evened out. The kinds of flowers that my friend made for me are 2 roses, 4 flowers that I don’t know, and 1 lily. They look so real! I’ll never be able to do it as good as her! I really think my friend should make some flowers and sell them. I really, really, really enjoyed my time over there. Especially since this time I went on the weekends and my friend’s daughter and her husband doesn’t need to work on the weekends. They took me out ice skating once. My friend’s daughter said I look like a swan when I skated. Just like swimming, I haven’t skated for a long time. It feels so peaceful on the ice. Every time I step on the ice I feel like I’m floating. The cool breeze brushes my face like light silken feathers. This trip is going very, very well. And as I’m writing this journal, it’s slowly skating away too.

Trip To China 12

Last night my mom and I went to see the final Synchronized Swimming Competition. Synchronized swimming is a sport in the water. All you really do is just dance in the water. I think I was so lucky to see the real show and not on TV. China got second place. The first place was Russia. All of the countries were awesome! It was so pretty! At the competition, there were these Canadian girls. They are so crazy! If you were sitting next to them during Canada’s performance, all you could hear was GO CANADA, GO CANADA, GO CANADA, WHOO!!!! And whenever the music starts, they’d jump up and start dancing. I think those girls were from girl scouts because at the end, some of them spread out and gave and gave other people swaps. Another thing that was awesome was the building. I think that the structure of the building was beautiful. At night when it’s dark, the building will turn blue. Because of this event I kind of started to believe in magic! Last night was a very magical night!!!

Trip To China 11

Yesterday, my aunt, cousin, and I went to climb the mountain to pray to the Buddhist. You can make whatever wish you want. To tell you the truth, I barely got to do anything because there were too many people. Almost everybody treated me like a random toy that can be pushed around. The whole thing went on until 1:00. I ended up going to sleep around 2:45 . When we finally climbed to the place it was 10:43. The house opens at 12:00. Inside the house there are all kinds of gods and crazy things. I didn’t get to look inside the house because my aunt was scared that I will get hurt if I keep on being pushed around like that. When we were out of that creepy place my aunt decided that we should go to another Buddhist. At that time I at least got to see the thing for more than 10 seconds.  But, we got squeezed out by all the other people again! Then that’s where my trip kind of ends. I think the over-all mountain climb was pretty good. Everything was really pretty! There’s also a beach over there but we didn’t have time to go. I really like this trip! Well, I guess this is going to be my end. Good-bye!


we went to Yellowstone! I was very excited on the car trip, but less and less exciting because we had to stay in the car for the majority of the entire trip.

the most rememberable part of the experience is when we went down to the Jackson Lake and there was a huge dam. I took off my socks and shoes and stepped into the water. It was freezing cold, but my feet got numb and I got used to it. Later Crystal joined me and we collected cool rocks. But then I fell down!!! My legs were wet but I still played! It was the most fun I’ve ever had in water!

Ps I saw a big fish there too!

Trip To China 10

Last night I went to a piano concert. It sounded beautiful! The pianist was an old man nearly 90 years old. His name is Abbey Simon. Abbey Simon is an American renowned pianist invited to shanghai. He played EXTREMELY well for his age! The concert went on for 2 hours. It was so magnificent! Even the concert hall seemed to be shining with pride to have such an awesome man performing with them. Abbey Simon is really talented. I think it’s awesome to be so old and still play so good. I would be blessed to have him as my teacher! Today I also did something fun.  I WENT SWIMMING!!!!! It felt so good to be in the water again. I haven’t touched the water ever since I left USA. You don’t know how excited I was just to see a goggle! We had lunch at Papa John . It’s good to eat pizza again. When we were eating pizza, my mom said she felt like she was in USA again! These two days were truly amazing!

Trip To China 9

Today I just came back from my friend’s house. I stayed for five days! She’s actually an adult. I really like her! She can do lot’s of crafts. Last time she taught me how to make flowers. This time she taught me how the thread beads into something like wallets, tissue boxes, and flower vases. It’s so fun! Right now I’m making a butterfly wallet. The wallet is actually used for holding your credit card or any kind of card but, I’m fine with coins. I need to make two pieces, then I need to pin them together. I just got done with the first piece and now I’m working on my second piece. It’s really pretty! I matched the colors and everything by myself. My friend’s daughter is also very nice. She’s 30 years old. I got to play with her too. I also like my friend’s daughter’s husband. He’s really cool! I really wanted to stay at my friend’s daughter’s house for a few days but they need to go to work. On the day when it was time to go, I almost didn’t want to leave! I was having a ball until my mom came. Right when the doorbell rang, my heart almost jumped out of my mouth! Well, when it’s time to go, it’s time to go. Same here with this journal! Until next time!

Trip To China 8

Guess what! I got two new bunnies yesterday! One is a boy and one is a girl. They are only one month old! I named the boy coffee and the girl Milk. The bunnies are so cute! Coffee is snowy white with black ears. Milk looks the same except she has black circles around her eyes. I need to do everything for them. My mom said that the bunnies were my test for a puppy. I’ve been asking for a puppy for a LONG time. This morning I cleaned out the cage and put new bedding inside. Then, I fed them. I need to feed them again tonight. I wanted to put the bunnies in my room but my mom said it would be too stinky. How could a cute, fluffy, and furry little bunny like them be stinky? I love my bunnies! But when I go back to USA I won’t be able to bring them with me. I trust that my cousin will take good care of them when I’m gone. You’re probable wondering what my annoying little sister got. Well, she got eight goldfishes. This morning, we found out that three goldfishes died. I have a big feeling my sister did it. My sister is really cruel to animals sometimes. Once, she wanted to pet this dog but the dog didn’t want her to so he tried to run away. Now here is where my sister comes in. My sister grabbed the dog’s neck, not the collar and holding very tightly not letting the dog go. I know she’s only a toddler but she’s not that small! (Sigh) little siblings.

Trip To China 7


Today I went to my grandma’s house. Her house is really small! There’s only a sink next to the door, a little room with only a bed and a table next to the bed, and a toilet. I’m not sure where the kitchen is. She lives in an apartment so the rooms can’t be that big but, I’m writing this journal in an apartment too and the rooms are WAY bigger. I also went to my grandma’s sister’s house. That house is a little bit bigger. Her house has a little white cat. It’s really pretty, but really mean! I also like my grandma’s sister’s husband. He taught us all kinds of magic tricks! He’s really cool! I want to see him again! Next time I come, I am going to bring my magic kit so we can do the magic together! That guy is old but clever! I like him! And I bet you would too! I guess it’s conclusion time! Bye- bye!