Daily Archives: July 18, 2011

Days at New Orleans — Day2

Today my mom and my family saw a statue. The statue was a girl on a horse with a flag. Then my mom told me a story about her. She was very good at battling. Her name was Joan of Arc. She died at the age of 19. Then my dad, I, and my brother went to an insect museum and we saw some very interesting insects. Last we saw a church that was 160 years old. It was a sign of New Orleans.


On this trip, the most things we did were walk trails. My favorite trail was perhaps the Big Cedar Trail. The Big Cedar Trail is a trail that leads to the world’s largest cedar tree. I liked this trail maybe because of its beautiful nature it contains or maybe just because you can smell fresh air and hear birds twittering above you. I bounded up a set of wooden steps to smell the wonderful aroma of cedar. After a leaping over few tree roots in the way, tiptoeing around a few puddles, I had to stop and make a mental image of this place. The moss clinging to the trees gave it a natural appearance. The dew drops glistened on the leafs as snow white flowers bloomed. Fallen trees blown over by the wind showed me that no one harmed the forest and that is its natural appearance. I walked a bit more and finally found the world’s largest cedar tree. My dad brushed aside a few branches and we found a path to go inside the tree. Believe it or not the tree was hollow!!! I hid in the shadows and when my mom and sister came I shouted “BOO!”  We hiked back another 0.8 miles back to the parking lot. It was the best trail I had ever done.