Daily Archives: July 15, 2011


My family and Crystal’s family, are going to Yellowstone on 7/17/2011. I am EXCITED half. Because it takes like two days driving, well, things just don’t go well. Like car sickness. My cousin has serious car sickness, and can end up sneezing and moaning.Today we’re packing. (I will update soon cause my dad isn’t giving me the scoop on Yellowstone completetly) 🙂

Hayuea: Discoveries and Disasters

Hayuea knelt down petted her bobcat, Nona, and continued to do the tedoius work of milking cows. She had been doing this for years, and supposedly more. In her life she discovered she was orphaned, and for 13 years treated with hatred doubt, until that 14th year, her stepsister threw her out. Her steps were odd, each one had a unique tatoo pasted from their shoulder to thy ankle. But Hayuea herself had a mark, a small one. An electric blue snake with ancient symbols. Hayuea’s name meant fierceness, strength, and grace, and the hero.

Now as she was 15, living with Nona and Sister Lhea, the catholic couldn’t have treated her better. Hayuea loved to hunt, with bow and arrow. Sister woud only allow a kil a week, but Hayuea used her time to get the biggest she could.

Hayuea’s mind was crammed with nonsense. But one day, and odd man walked in her cottage and attemped to kill her. To take her mind off of things, she went hunting. By Dagger. In the Black Eye, much hated forest, literally forbidden. As Nona climbed a tree, Hayuea hesitated and admitted what she was on. She was on a flat stone with and ancient symbols that read………………………………….