Daily Archives: July 7, 2011

Days at New Orleans – Day 1

Today at New Orleans my dad, bother, mom, and me went to the I MAX Theater and watched a movie about hurricane Katrina and saw how powerful it was. We also saw other hurricanes that hit New Orleans.  We saw floods that hit New Orleans too. I learned when those hurricanes and floods hit New Orleans. But before we did anything else my family and I had on a plane to get to New Orleans. It took two hours to get to New Orleans but I played my I pod Touch till we got there… Well that is the end of day 1!

Changing water for a fish tank

1. What is the proper way of changing fish tank water?

2. How often should the water be changed?

3. Where do you put the fish while the fish tank is being cleaned?

4. Can you put the fish right back into the new water?  Why or why not?