San Juan Island

If you like the smell of lavender, this place is for you. This lavender farm has all kinds of things for you. But I chose an orca whale. How does an orca whale connect with lavender? There at the lavender farm, you stuff your own stuffed animal. You can choose between a dog, a whale, or a bear. You put two packets of lavender in the stuffed animal. Now the stuffed animal will smell like lavenders. I put one packet of lavenders in the head and the other in the tummy. The rest was stuffing. It was really hard to get the tail because the stuffing refused to go in. At the end, I found a chopstick and I finally stuffed the tail. Wow, that was hard. GRRRRRR. How in world are you supposed to stuff this tail??? I kept on thinking. Well at least it prepared me for another challenge. I was stuffing another stuffed animal (a dog) for my friend’s birthday. I tried really hard to stuff the legs but no use. I tried chopstick, hand anything I could think of with no luck. I was about to ask my mom for help when I finally realized that you  have turn the stuffing into a ball. Whew! That was hard!!!

P.S. The whale watched me type this!!!!!

2 responses to “San Juan Island

  1. Interesting. Even a simple thing was written with fun. Where is the island?

  2. Sounds so colorful and pleasant! Would love to see some pictures …

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