Olympic National Park

Have any of you ever been in a natural spring? If you have, great. If you haven’t then you really should. (Bring a nose plug.) Sol Duc Springs at Olympic National Park are relaxing and fun. At Sol Duc Springs Lodge, they have a natural spring straight out of the earth. It’s this little stream of water shooting straight out of the ground. There is a pool around the spring but the water is really warm so it’s more like a hot tub. I sank into the water my muscles melting. Ahhhhhhh. How relaxing. I never want to move.  I thought. Well readers, do you think you want to do that? If your answer is yes listen to this! (People who answered no please read this anyways ). The pool smelled like rotten eggs. For my dad, the smell was really bad but for me it was actually okay! Now that’s a day I call really fun!!!

3 responses to “Olympic National Park

  1. This was all in Washington. The Washington state I mean. 🙂

  2. where was this?

  3. My family almost went, but the taxi driver didn’t know that the park existed.

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