My Fishies :P – updated

One of  my neighbors is moving, so they gave us a fish tank. It’s really big, and they gave us some things to go with it. Fish food, filter, automatic feeder, the gravel, the tank (duh), a fish log, fish treats, and a scrub. My mom says she will take me to get the new fish this afternoon. I am REALLY excited because I’ve always wanted a pet. My best friend, Avni, is a fish expert. She really understands fish. She could be a fish psychologist! In total, she has 21 fish; 4 pea-sized guppies, 17 regulars. I might get guppies. My mom says start with something easy like fish, then you can transfer to guinea pigs, birds, cats, then dogs. Also, one question, according to luck and ch’i, fish tanks in bedroom is bad, so, where should I put it?? And really don’t know what fish to get. And I also don’t know where to get it. I think the water is still contaminated, so I think we should use bottled water, but my mom says tap.

Any ways, I am thinking about getting 10, 3.5 inch fish (including the tail), and mom says yes. But before I get my fish, I am going to ask Promethium if she has any advice.

Actually, I got a fiddler crab, 2 guppies, and a striped fish.


Guppie 1:Electro

Guppie 2:Scarlet

Stripes: PJ

They were cute, but we have to go through a long process, like setting them in the tank so they can get used to the temperature, and putting in the thermometer. It will be worth it though.

These fish are not that expensive.

At dinner time, Finnie attacked all of the fish, electro died 😦 , and Scarlet and Pj died the following morning. The fish lady said the guppies could live with the other fish! Liar……. 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

today my dad got a refund, and 5 goldfish, guppy sized, IN A SEPERATE TANK. Their names are Streak, Winnie, Mine, Bubba, and Shark. they are living, and very hungry.

9 responses to “My Fishies :P – updated

  1. I used to have fish but then my sister killed them all

  2. I just learned quite a lot about fish by reading your writing. Thanks. Now you can tell your parents that by having a pet, you can actually expand your knowledge about the particular animal you have. It is another gain besides of having a company.

  3. When I was feeding my fish today I relized that we had 13 new born baby fishes.

  4. Unfortunately, other than Fiddler, all of the fishes are gone by this morning. Is it really that hard to raise some tiny fishes?

  5. You need to put a purifying liquid of some sort in the water. The last time I had fish, my grandparents forgot to put it in, and the fish died.

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