Mount Rainier

Majestic, elegant, beautiful, those words can only bring you so far in a field of beauty.

        If you love beauty, nature, snow, and adventure, this hike is right for you. At first, you see snow, snow, and more snow. Then you see that this trail is a snow trail. You start by hiking up a small hill, avoiding small pine trees. This for me was one of the hardest slopes. I wasn’t confident and didn’t know the tricks in hiking. As I hiked, I started out scared and slow in walking. We passed ridges and tree craters (my dad had to drag me) and I gained confidence. I started moving faster and I sprinted ahead, just as I started to understand the trail, the trail ended and my mouth fell open.

         Ahead of me was a snow mountain complete with glaciers and pine trees. It was picture perfect. I had never imagined something so beautiful. Snow and pine trees covered the mountain while glaciers peeked out. It was so artistic. My dad took lots of pictures of course and we started heading back. I was determined to head back without help. But just then a couple told us they saw a bear. I felt some of my confidence drain away yet I continued. I have never done a hike so beautiful, so full of adventure and so memory making at the same time.

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