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Pet test- Which pet is right for you, and which one brings good luck?

Just pick your favs!

aYou’re a cat person

bTurtles like to mimic you.

cFish are shy and so are you

dGuinea pigs work best in you

eTalkative person, talkative bird

How many different things could stand for U.F.O.?




See how many combinations you can create!

My Fishies :P – updated

One of  my neighbors is moving, so they gave us a fish tank. It’s really big, and they gave us some things to go with it. Fish food, filter, automatic feeder, the gravel, the tank (duh), a fish log, fish treats, and a scrub. My mom says she will take me to get the new fish this afternoon. I am REALLY excited because I’ve always wanted a pet. My best friend, Avni, is a fish expert. She really understands fish. She could be a fish psychologist! In total, she has 21 fish; 4 pea-sized guppies, 17 regulars. I might get guppies. My mom says start with something easy like fish, then you can transfer to guinea pigs, birds, cats, then dogs. Also, one question, according to luck and ch’i, fish tanks in bedroom is bad, so, where should I put it?? And really don’t know what fish to get. And I also don’t know where to get it. I think the water is still contaminated, so I think we should use bottled water, but my mom says tap.

Any ways, I am thinking about getting 10, 3.5 inch fish (including the tail), and mom says yes. But before I get my fish, I am going to ask Promethium if she has any advice.

Actually, I got a fiddler crab, 2 guppies, and a striped fish.


Guppie 1:Electro

Guppie 2:Scarlet

Stripes: PJ

They were cute, but we have to go through a long process, like setting them in the tank so they can get used to the temperature, and putting in the thermometer. It will be worth it though.

These fish are not that expensive.

At dinner time, Finnie attacked all of the fish, electro died 😦 , and Scarlet and Pj died the following morning. The fish lady said the guppies could live with the other fish! Liar……. 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

today my dad got a refund, and 5 goldfish, guppy sized, IN A SEPERATE TANK. Their names are Streak, Winnie, Mine, Bubba, and Shark. they are living, and very hungry.

San Juan Island

If you like the smell of lavender, this place is for you. This lavender farm has all kinds of things for you. But I chose an orca whale. How does an orca whale connect with lavender? There at the lavender farm, you stuff your own stuffed animal. You can choose between a dog, a whale, or a bear. You put two packets of lavender in the stuffed animal. Now the stuffed animal will smell like lavenders. I put one packet of lavenders in the head and the other in the tummy. The rest was stuffing. It was really hard to get the tail because the stuffing refused to go in. At the end, I found a chopstick and I finally stuffed the tail. Wow, that was hard. GRRRRRR. How in world are you supposed to stuff this tail??? I kept on thinking. Well at least it prepared me for another challenge. I was stuffing another stuffed animal (a dog) for my friend’s birthday. I tried really hard to stuff the legs but no use. I tried chopstick, hand anything I could think of with no luck. I was about to ask my mom for help when I finally realized that you  have turn the stuffing into a ball. Whew! That was hard!!!

P.S. The whale watched me type this!!!!!

Olympic National Park

Have any of you ever been in a natural spring? If you have, great. If you haven’t then you really should. (Bring a nose plug.) Sol Duc Springs at Olympic National Park are relaxing and fun. At Sol Duc Springs Lodge, they have a natural spring straight out of the earth. It’s this little stream of water shooting straight out of the ground. There is a pool around the spring but the water is really warm so it’s more like a hot tub. I sank into the water my muscles melting. Ahhhhhhh. How relaxing. I never want to move.  I thought. Well readers, do you think you want to do that? If your answer is yes listen to this! (People who answered no please read this anyways ). The pool smelled like rotten eggs. For my dad, the smell was really bad but for me it was actually okay! Now that’s a day I call really fun!!!

Mount Rainier

Majestic, elegant, beautiful, those words can only bring you so far in a field of beauty.

        If you love beauty, nature, snow, and adventure, this hike is right for you. At first, you see snow, snow, and more snow. Then you see that this trail is a snow trail. You start by hiking up a small hill, avoiding small pine trees. This for me was one of the hardest slopes. I wasn’t confident and didn’t know the tricks in hiking. As I hiked, I started out scared and slow in walking. We passed ridges and tree craters (my dad had to drag me) and I gained confidence. I started moving faster and I sprinted ahead, just as I started to understand the trail, the trail ended and my mouth fell open.

         Ahead of me was a snow mountain complete with glaciers and pine trees. It was picture perfect. I had never imagined something so beautiful. Snow and pine trees covered the mountain while glaciers peeked out. It was so artistic. My dad took lots of pictures of course and we started heading back. I was determined to head back without help. But just then a couple told us they saw a bear. I felt some of my confidence drain away yet I continued. I have never done a hike so beautiful, so full of adventure and so memory making at the same time.