Trip To China 6

Last night we went to the Shanghai Band. Oh yeah! I forgot to tell you! I’m in Shanghai! Anyways, Shanghai Band is awesome! There are buildings everywhere and we were there at night so it looked really sparkly in the dark! There was one building that has lights on the elevator and when ever the elevator goes up and down, it looks like little tiny stars! There is a river that separates the East Band and the West Band. We got to ride on a boat and look at the view. The boat has three floors. I wanted to go on the top but my sister was a chicken so we had to stay on the stinkin second floor. Well I guess the second floor wasn’t that bad. But, I think the top would be better. I sure had a SPARKLY night! Got to go! Bye! 

2 responses to “Trip To China 6

  1. Wow, your travel journal is very fun to read. Shanghai has a lot of hustle and bustle. Do you like the big city atmosphere? People mountain, people sea?

  2. Buildings, buildings, buildings, people walking, people biking, people rushing, people in lines, people in all stores …. that is Shanghai! I agree very much that it looks much better at night!

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