Trip To China 5

My over-all trip to Hunan was pretty good. I met every single family member on my mom’s side. Hunan is really pretty. You can see lot’s of green! The family is also really nice. There is a 15 year old boy that can also speak English. I like him just as much as I like Uncle River. After he was done taking a test, he got to play with me every day. Once, he took us out bike riding. It felt so good! Each bike can hold three people. We took tons of pictures. There’s also a girl who is one year older than me. I taught her how to make friendship bracelets. I love spending time with my family! Oh! And, I have something else to tell you too. I got to ride a motorcycle for my first time in my life! Over there, there is another uncle that raises pigs. When ever I go visit the pigs, I get to ride on the motorcycle. Once, the pigs pooped on meI smelled horrible! But, the motorcycle ride feels so good with the wind blowing in your face! Okay, so, we’ve got Beijing trip ticked off and Hunan trip ticked off. All that’s left is Shanghai trip! Hunan trip was awesome! I’m looking forward to another trip full of adventures!


2 responses to “Trip To China 5

  1. I have never been to Hunan. Your writing is as pretty as the place. Good job!

  2. So glad your overall trip is great!

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