Trip To China 4

There is an uncle named Uncle River that I really like. He can speak english. I play with him everyday when I’m in Hunan. Today, Uncle River needs to go some where else in Hunan for work. After he leaves, there will be nobody to play with me unless I play with my annoying little sister or talk with thoes dirty smoking boys. That’s right, smoking. Did you know that every single boy in this house is smoking? Once I found that out, I put no smoking signs all over the house. I put one on the doorway, one in the living room, one in the kitchen, one in the dining room, one in the bathroom, one on some random wall, and one in Uncle River’s room. Another problem that I’m having here is……….MOSQUITOES!!!! It seems like all the mosquitoes are attracted to ME! I wonder how the rest of my Hunan trip will be!

One response to “Trip To China 4

  1. I remember how that when I went to China, I had mosquito biters all over my legs. Well, those pesky bugs are here too. I have a big bug bite on my ankle and it’s larger than my anklebone.

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