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ORLANDO – the real experience featuring HARRY POTTA

I went to Orlando this past week, and I will tell you about it.

Day 1-

We flew to Orlando. I really love, plane trips, but this one was a little disappointing. The waiting wasn’t intense, and I had a ham and dijion mustard sandwich, so on the plane, it was better to wait until the flight was over than to stand in line for the bathroom………….          When we landed, my mom “lost” her glasses, but, they were really inbetween her seat and mine… yeah, it was 10:00 when we got to Country Inn, and but I did like our room because it was on the first floor.


When I wokke up, it was like 7:00, and my parents told me that they were going to get the rental car. I woke up again, got dressed, brushed my teeth, and woke up Promethium. Well, I am a person, and persons watch tv they wake up. Promethium joined my watching of the tv until mom and dad came back, I had BREAKFAST! We had a choice of biscuits, gravy, oatmeal with almonds,chocolate chips, and cinamon to taste, fruit, waffles, eggs, cereal, unfoortunately, NO BACON!! 😦

and we were off to SEAWORLD!! Well, I am not going to do this formally, but here is what I did in random order.

1.entered and dad took tiresome photos

2.went to go touch oily stingrays

3.fed sharks

4. had lunch

5.dolphin show

6. shamu show

7. sort of acrbat show

8. flamingoes

9. no rides – the only ride we were going to take had “mechanical problems” when we were about to take it 😦

Checked into JW MARRIOT!! That’s our hotel check out this site! http://www.grandlakes.com/


So if you saw the website above, This topic is LAZY RIVER!! It is like an awesome pool that has a path and a current and wide enough to fit 2 floaties, and 2 seperate hottubs with waterfalls.

part of the lazy river pool

After spending some time there, we all went back to the hotel for lunch. THEN….. The wizarding world of Harry potter!

Well, it is in Islands of Adventure. When we went in, there were five islands, Dr. Seussland, the Lost Continent (Ride Posiden’s Fury!!), The Wizarding world of Harry Potter, Super hero island, and Comic/Cartoon mainia! But you know where we’re headed!

We started out Passing Zonko’s and Honey dukes, our destination was the Wizarding World of Harry Potter park!  We finally reached that park.  It looks just like what I saw in the Harry Potter movies! 

The first thing Me and Promethium did was go on the Forbidden Journey.The line was very very long, but it was worth the wait. It was a very cool rollercoaster ride inside the entire castle.  Both my parents were not big fans of scary rides but they went on this one too.  Mom said she actually was relaxed on the ride but had to close her eyes most of the time. It felt like you were flying along with Harry Potter.  As he flew over the mountains in the sky, it felt real and it was scary. 

The end of the ride leads to a giftshop, Filch’s Emporium, and we got a slytherin tshirt ( for someone else,I personally am not a fan of Slytherin), Harry Potter mug, and a golden snitch pin.

Then when we passed a butterbeer keg, I begged my mom for some. We each gat a cup, mom, dad, Promethium, and I. They got the cold kind.. I recommend the frozen kind. it is $4.69, One dollar more than the other kind. 

Frozen Butter Beer - yummy!

We then found out that our giftshop items were missing. We looked under benches, asked around, but couldn’t find them. Later someone told us to go to the gift shop where we bought the stuff, see if anyone had found our sack and took to the store. But no, no one had taken our sack back to the store. However, the store clerks were extremely nice and felt sorry for our loss.  They looked up their cash register to find our purchase transactions. Eventually they found our transactions, and they decided to give us the items we bought.  Just like that, we got our stuff back.  My mom was going to buy another t-shirt because it was for a friend of her work.  What a kind and wonderful magic this was! The park literally covered our own loss!

Well, after that, Me and Promethium rode the flight of the Hippogriff twice. It is not too exciting or scary, just simple, fun, and less than 20 seconds long. At Honeyduke’s, we – Promethium and I- got peppermint toads, sugar sticks, and a bag of assorted candies( expensive, but worth it!) , and at Zonko’s, Promethium got two pink pygmy puffs, one for her, and one for her friend. I got a  purple pygmy puff named Tsi Tzi!

Honey Dukes Candy Shop - awesome!

Go to youtube.com  and search Harry Potter theme park orlando Ollivander’s wand demonstration. It’s funny, and the person chosen gets to do the demo and gets a free wand.


The morning wasn’t exciting, the after noon was. We drove 1.232 hours to Daytona Beach and it was AWESOME!!! I used my orange floatie and surfed waves! The big ones just aren’t that big….(NO FISH 😦 )I got alot of saltwater in my eyes.then I collected shells and buried feet, until it was time to go eat dinner. it was a buffet with seafood and RICE PUDDING!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O


If you hav happen to see sand and water lying around, mix them together to make a sandball. If you are outside with a distracted friend, or in the woods and see a rabbit or bird, THROW IT AT THEM!! THE REACTION IS FUNNY!


I watched tv all day and then three was when we had to leave for the airport. 6:10 was our departure. The flight back was like the flight forth, except I went to the bathroom this time. Boring…………..

Well, that’s the end . I’ll update once I remember everything….. 🙂 🙂 🙂