Daily Archives: June 19, 2011

Results of 2011 Father’s Day Essay/Poem/Art Contest

According to the voting results, the winners are:
Art Category:
1st place: Art-5 by Diamond. $10 cash prize.
2nd place: Art-1 by Aaron. $8 cash prize.
3rd place: Art-2, Art-3 and Art-4 by Felix and Diamond. They will share the $5 cash prize.

Poem Category:
1st place: Poem-1 by Diamond & Poem-6 by Rainbow Moonstone. They will share the $10 cash prize.
2nd place: Poem-4 & Poem-3 by Crystal, Poem-2 & Poem-5 by Aqumarine. They will share the total of $13 cash prize.

All participants will get a super cool Harry Potter Lizard Pops that I bought from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.