Trip to China 4

Today we went to a park called Tian Tan. It’s really pretty. Along the way there are very pretty trees. Some-times there will be wild cats taking a stroll too. At the end there were two very cute little wild kittens on a tree. They were only about 6 inches long and 3 inches tall! One was white and one was black. If I could keep them as pets, I would name the white one Snowbell and the black one Moonlight. Today is my last day inBeijing. I’m going to Hunan Tomorrow at10:00in the afternoon. There won’t be any internet over there. I’ll make up for the rest of trip when I get back. Until then, see ya!


One response to “Trip to China 4

  1. Keep writing about interesting things in your journey so that we can travel with you! Thanks for sharing!

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